Monday, July 22, 2013

A Pig's Ear BUT It's NOT a Beer

These are not good pictures of us 
with our PIG'S EARS

Why? You ask? Well, according to Mommy, she couldn't get us to STOP CHOMPING long enough to get a decent photo!

Yes, they are THAT good.

My regular readers know that occasionally I will succumb to a marketer's plea to try something new and do a review. Why do I do it? Well, overtly it is to try new things for free that perhaps we have no access to OR perhaps is out of our budget. But in addition to this OBVIOUS reason, I also loves loves loves to share new finds with my FURiends in Blogville. It makes me feel good to know I am helping to spread the word on unique sites to buy pet supplies, on healthier choices at fair prices, and perhaps an unusual good-for-you item that maybe you hadn't thought of before. I know that I am so naive when it comes to a lot of SNACKS out there for a PUG and rely on other bloggers to introduce me to new things.

Some time ago my BFF Bellatrix shared a PIG'S EAR with me. I had never heard of them before and she said they were among her favorite treats. Well, I loved it and asked my Mommy to get me some more. At the time, it was a difficult thing to find. Not only that, but the ones she did find were dry with sharp shards (whattha???) or smelled chemically funky). In a word, they were anything but natural and healthy. The result was that I, NOODLES THE PUG, was not allowed to have any pig's ears until she could find a decent product.

Wouldn't you know it, 2 weeks ago, Mommy got an email from asking if we would be interested in sampling and reviewing some  100% Natural True Chews Pig's Ears. CHEWY.COM to the rescue! How many times before have I said this same thing? is the best when it comes to finding healthy and unusual PUG supplies. sells these for $17.99
Mommy read the labels and all the info CHEWY.COM sent to her regarding the product. She had learned from experience just how UNNATURAL some natural dog foods can be. 
Here is what she found out:
  • True Chews are made in the USA in Independence, Iowa
  • True Chews are made rawhide free and with no fillers
  • True Chews are slow-roasted to give them a dense chewiness
  • True Chews are lightly smoked for added flavor
THAT IS ALL!!! No artificial preservatives or colors or flavors.

And they taste FANTASTIC!!! We got one (which lasted a couple of days) each and then when it was gone. . . WE GOT ANOTHER!!! That never happens in our household. Like all treats, My MOMMYS make sure to supervise us when we are chewing them to make sure we do not choke on them. They also take the small pieces away to prevent choking (this is more for Molly because I am pretty sure I can expand my throat to eat ANYTHING!!!). She also makes sure we chew near fresh water.

So I heartily recommend 100% Natural True Chews Pigs Ears for your chewing pleasure and your good health. And, it goes without saying that I recommend to buy your 100% Natural True Chews.


stellaroselong said...

we loves pigs ears alot, and being from iowa where the piggies are they are plentiful all around at different does watch what kind she gets us tho cos they make us really thirsty!
stella rose

Reuben said...

I gots to know: is they made out of actual pig ears? Or is they like buffalo wings....?


Meredith LeBlanc said...

Scarlet wants to know what kind of pig ears aren't awesome???? weeee!!!!

Meredith & Scarlet

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD we USED to have a good SAFE source of Pig Ears... butt they went to selling that same sort of FUNKY ones that you mentioned...

SOOOOOOOO we are glad to know that the ones from are SAFE fur us. We trust Chewy and YOU to tell us the TRUTH about what is available.
We will tell Mom about this NEW and DELICIOUSLY SAFE brand of PIG EARS. OMD nothing like a good evening watching Animal Planet and having a Pig Ear Snack!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wish we could have those but we try to swallow them whole
Benny & Lily

Abby Yoder said...

My momma watches what I chew on, too.... and my sister Lilly tries to take everyone's treats... but momma says she is going to go to Chewy and see what they have. Thank you!

Flea said...

I've been hearing good things about Chewy. Thanks for a great review! Maybe sometime Noodles would like to do a Jones review?