Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot Times in the City . . . and Other Places, Too

June is Pet Safety Month 
– a topic near and dear to my lil’ PUGGY HEART

I thought about all of the posts I have read lately about leaving pets and PUGS in cars on hot days (don’t); about avoiding walking your dog on hot asphalt in the heat of the day; and about keeping your pet calm during FIREWORKS shows. All sound and sane advice, I tell you.

I decided to join BlogPaws in their Pet Safety Blog Hop. Blogville can always use one more discussion on Summer’s dangers; but I wanted to AMP UP THE HEAT some and discuss an oft overlooked side effect of the DOG DAYS of Summer –

Heat Stroke in Pets

I was reminded of the dangers of Heat Stroke when we attended Dog Day at the Park last month. It was
during the heat wave here in the Bay Area and it was HOT HOT HOT at the ballpark. There was little or no shade to be found and even if you found shade - it was still HOT. We were all queuing up for our parade around the playing field when suddenly the crowd was buzzing. A large dog (looked like a Borzoi or something similar) had collapsed and was clearly in distress. The humans were all offering water and cool rags – anything to bring his (or her??) temperature down.

It was very disturbing. 

It turned out okay – but nonetheless took THE WHOLE PARADE for the poor dog to cool down and breathe more normally.

Heat Stroke can cause loss of consciousness, brain damage and death. 

So tell me, do you know the signs of HEAT STROKE in dogs? Here they are, just to remind you:

· panting excessively

· have redness around his eyes

· show signs of weakness

· irritability

· may start vomiting

· collapse

What do you do if your dog or PUG collapses from heat stroke?

Ø  Hydrate with cool (not cold) water and cool down with and fan (if possible)
Ø  Wet down with wet towels or let soak in a tub or pool
Ø If the pet look grayish (other than normal coat color) or the tongue is blue, call a VETERINARIAN or take immediately to the Emergency clinic.

The best CURE FOR HEAT STROKE is to not even get it so – walk your pet when the temps come down like at night or early morning. Provide your dog with a nice shady area and lot of cool water so he or she can stay hydrated. 

And most of all 


stellaroselong said...

Stella Rose said...

You said it Noodles! All this information is twice as important for us pugs, too, since we are not known for our amazing breathing abilities. Don't get me wrong, I love my flat face, but it definitely doesn't mix well with high temps. I for one enjoy quicker walks - I end up getting my post-walk treat earlier. :)


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Excellent Post girrrrrls.
Our mom and dad NEVER leave us in Jennifer Jeep when it is hot... Even though we each have cooling pads to lay on... If it is too hot fur PEEPS... it is WAY too hot fur US.

Idaho PugRanch said...

Excellent post Noodles. I have fallen behind in my agility class cause it has just been too hot for me. I was supprised when one of the instructors did not seem to understand that I could not run over 5 jumps several times when it is 90 degrees. So we have been skipping class. Oh well, my well being is much more important.
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Funaek said...

Great and timely post! Hope you're staying cool during this hot summer!

April McLeod said...

Very good points! Another thing that is bad for dogs is ice cubes! I heard that ice cubes (along with cold water) can put a dog in shock and much worse! I can't believe the amount of people who still leave their dogs in the car on hot days even though there's so many warnings out there! It's always good to keep reminding everyone of this! Thanks for sharing!