Friday, July 5, 2013

Sunrise through the Haze

Hi Every PUGGY! Thank you so very very much for all of the BIRTHDAY wishes yesterday. It sure made me feel very special.

I had the best BIRTHDAY ever! I received so much attention and a lot a lot of FOOD! I am not sure My Mommys realized that they were feeding me almost NONSTOP yesterday. A taste here, a snack there. I was in PUGGY HEAVEN, I tell you.

We went to Auntie D's house for a BBQ and a SWIM. Above you can see me in my swimsuit.I love the look, don't you? Anyways, it was MEGA HOT in my town yesterday and even the humans (who DON'T have 3 layers of fur) were having a hard time staying cool. Lucky for me, Mommy brought my pool along (no dogs OR pugs allowed in Auntie D's pool) so Molly and I were able to get nice and wet.

 I was totally digging the pool. . . Molly, not so much. It made me feel so much better. And Mommy made sure my back got wet as well as my tummy. I was one COOL PUG!

Once the sun started to go down, it cooled off a little. We sat around the table outside and played Bananagrams while Auntie T fired up the grill and put the pizzas on. I was an ADVISOR for the game since I am so good that no one wants to play with me.

After dinner, the presents and CAKE came out. Cousin E made this DELICIOUS bone cake for me out of brown rice, carrots, yogurt and peanut butter. It was the MOST tasty thing I had ever eaten. Well, maybe not, BUT who knows! I don't normally linger over my food TASTING it. No! I wolf it down like any self-respecting PUG would do. But for my birthday cake, I took my time (could have been all the pre-cakes snacks) and actually tasted every little morsel.

Then it was time for presents. Mommy is holding hers until my party this weekend. But Auntie B and Cousins E&C gave me this wonderful present. I loves loves LOVES it.


How the fireworks looked

The fireworks displays started up all over the valley. Because we were on a hill we could see a lot of them. I don't mind the sparkly lights all over the place. The are kind of whimsical and fun. But the BOOMS! Oh My PUG! They sent me into overdrive! Some of the neighborhood cherry bombs and whatever else they were setting off almost made me hyperventilate! It was awful and made Mommy worry a little. She eventually found me a spot away from the loudest booms and I was able to calm down and fall asleep.

Next year she said she is buying some CALMING pills. 

How the fireworks will look next year

8 comments: said...

Have you been working out, Noodles? Cuz you look HAWT in your little bikini! :)

I'm glad you and Molly were able to cool off in the pool. I want my dad to get me one of those personal pools. Luckily it hasn't quite got to pug-melting temps here in the Midwest yet.

That Birthday bone looks AMAZING! It's got all the ingredients us pugs go ga-ga over. I'm glad to hear you received an ample dose of cakes/treats.

Whoah, man. My eyes are like totally vibrating from that last photo. Ha ha!


Kari in Alaska said...

Love that bikini!

Stop on by for a visit

A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

Now that sounded like one excellent birthday party Noodles! So glad that you had a blast! :-D Check out your patriotic swimsuit, whistle!! Phew, thank goodness the weather is cooling down today, huh? It sure has been sweaty hot outside!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD your red white and blue BIKINI is gorgeous... and your entire birfday celebration looked AMAZING to us.

Love your POOL too!

Idaho PugRanch said...

Noodles we love your patriotic bathing suit!! Glad you had a pawsome birthday!
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

haopee said...

Oh darn! We forgot to greet you Noodles. Belated happy birthday!

Seems you had a blast.

Payton's mom said...

What an awesome day! Totally fit for a princess like you!
PS. That framed photo is perfect!

stellaroselong said...

Oh Noodles you looked grand in that beekini for sure!! what a great birthday and the whole usa was celebrating with you!
stella rose