Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bowl Me Over

I recently got a new bowl. The one I have previously been eating out of is now 4 years old and was showing wear and tear. Mommy has been looking at bowls for a long long time and just couldn't settle on anything. She read reviews, looked at the pet stores for a selection of types, and on and on. She was a little dismayed because nothing seemed quite right.

Dog Bark Collar Store to the rescue. As you know, I have a collar from them that I simply adore. It is BRIGHT pink which I TOTES ROCK, and best of all it has my NAME on it. Well their marketing firm contacted Mommy recently about writing a blog for them. In return, they offered her a personalized dog training bowl which is meant to help a dog slow down when it eats. Being that I am a PUG, eating fast is my passion and my. . . failing. I sometimes choke on my food if it is too small. I used to have one of those feeding balls which slowed me down a lot - but I figured out how to chuck it from my bowl and one day IT BROKE!
The Chow Trainer Bowl

Before committing to the job, Mommy checked out the Chow Trainer Bowl on the site STORE. She could not believe how nice the bowl looked. It is stainless steel and has a well inside to make a dog or PUG work at retrieving the food. She liked what she saw so she said yes. Check out our post HERE.

It took about a week before the bowl arrived. When it did I could hardly wait to open the package. I am amazed at how lovely the bowl looks - and it is so sturdy and heavy. I cannot even push it around the kitchen like I used to do with my other bowl.
Although kinda big for a Pug,
 in this photo it looks a lot bigger than it really is

There is a negative to the bowl, though. Despite being lovely and having my name on it, I CANNOT eat from the personalized top side. It is too deep and I tried so long I got frustrated. BUT Mommy, on the advice from Auntie T, turned it over and it became the PERFECT feeding bowl for me. It has a nice deep well and sits up a little higher so I don't hunch over when I eat. I actually LOVES LOVES LOVES my new bowl.

So we thank DOG BARK COLLAR STORE, again.

One last word - and this is for them as much as you - finding items OTHER than the bark collar is really really hard. I have had to be specific about the items I wanted and rely on GOOGLE to find anything. Hopefully DBC will redo their site soon to make shopping easier. They have such good, high quality products that it would be a shame to hide them from the world.


stellaroselong said...

We also have one of those slow eating bowls that I won but Mom cannot remember from where....we never use it cos i cannot get my face into the bowl enuf to get ANY of the food, it is a pretty purple
stella rose

Frank The Tank said...

Awwww Noodles, that looks like a great bowl for your foods, personalized with your name, but I'm sorry that you coudlnt eat out of it, its a good thing you are smart and turned it uposide down! Greak thinking!
So its supposed to help you slow your eatting down??? I guess it would if you cant get to the food at all! BOL!
Love, licks and Hugs from your furiend Frank xxxxxxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my dog, your head could get lost in that thing
Benny & Lily