Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeska, Mooska, Mouseketeers And Other Adventures

Oh My PUG! I have so much to tell you and not so much time to do so. It all started LAST Tuesday when Mommy packed her bags and MY bags. I thought perhaps we were all heading back up to Tahoe since it has been a couple of years since we last went there for vacation. But no. That was NOT to be our destination. Truth be told - we were not even going to the SAME place!

My Mommys, Aunties and Cousins were ABANDONING Molly and Me in favor of that BIG HUGE MOUSE - Mickey! Molly,  it turns out, was heading over to Auntie D's house for 5 days. She loves being with Auntie D (although as it happened, she barked and whined almost the whole time). But WHERE was I going? Can't go to Auntie B's anymore due to new hardwood floors. Can't go to other Aunties because they can't have dogs (but what about PUGS???) or allergic to my furs. So . . . .  Mommy packed me up in the car and drove me over the hill, past Auntie B's house and toward the Altamont windmills . . . . . and we stopped at . . .

Hi. I'm Tiffy and I will be
your camp counselor this

That is right Peeps and Pugs. Read it and weep! I got to spend 5 magical days at Tiffy's house with her AWESOME Humom, Michele. I recognized the house right away when I smelled the door. Then I heard Tiffy bark at the doorbell ringing and I KNEW it was my pal. You should have seen the tail wagging (or in my case, the BUTT wagging). I am one lucky Puggy.

Not that I didn't SORTA play Tiffy's mom a bit. Like. . . waking her at 3 am in order to pee AND THEN attempting to convince her it was BREAKFAST time. No, she DID NOT fall for it at all. Then there was the second day OR as I like to call it -BARFAPALOOZA. That is right. I barfed. Not just tossing my cookies from eating too fast . . . no, I barfed up a long green smelly HAIR BALL that rivaled Sunshine the Cat's worst! Auntie Michele was a little worried never having encountered a PUG tossing a hairball. But my mommy RATTED on my predilection for licking rugs, fuzz, and blankets which would definitely cause a hairball. Since I acted pretty normal after said BARF action, Auntie Michele decided I was probably not really sick and she would just keep an eye on me to make sure there was no REPEAT incident.

Tiffy and ME played quite a bit which is not something I do a lot of. I guess because I am used to Molly's puppy exuberance, I am a bit more open to playing than I use to be. That Tiffy is some character, I tell you. And did you know . . . she eats FASTER than I do? Ha!!! I thought no one could beat my eat-speed. What that meant, though, was my land-sharking was temporarily halted until I returned home to Molly-picky-slow-eater. Hehheh. Watch out Molly!

The rest of my visit went without incident and I settled in quite nicely, thank you very much. I even allowed myself to perch on Tiffy's favorite chair back. We switched back and forth between us for who would be on the back and who be on the cushion. That Tiffy is a good sharer.

Know what happened the LAST DAY I was at Tiffy's place? We had an impromptu PUG PARTY! Yes! Noodle and Mochi, and Zoey and Phoebe AND their respective 'rents came over. Talk about FUN! Did I say we had F-U-N? I love those pugs!
I am smiling because my Mommys are back!

Next thing you know the door bell rings and everypuggy starts barking and running toward the door. Even me. That is, until the door opened and there were my Mommys. I turned tail and RAN back to the kitchen where I cowered. Mommy thought it was because I didn't want to LEAVE TIFFY's place. That was NOT TRUE. I was a little confused that it was not really them. So I ran. . . but then . . . I heard the one voice that can calm my biggest fears. . . Mommy #2!

And look what she brought Tiffy and Me -
Do we look good or what?

Thank you Auntie Michele and Tiffy for being the BEST hosts around and making a lonely PUG not so lonely at all!
Love You - MUAH!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you did get Mickey Mouse ears!! ;)

Elyse and Riley

Anonymous said...

Oh Barharhar Noodles, you are one big pawty pup, and what fur pals to enjoy your life with. That tiffy must be one funny good pal, I likes the Mickey ear Hats!

The Mad Scots

Two French Bulldogs said...

5 days! you didn't go to Disney Rat Land did you
Benny & Lily

Casey said...

You look fangtastic! What grreat extra ears you've got. I'm totally jealous. My momma went to see Mickey a few years ago and didn't bring me ANYTHING! said...

Wow, Noodles, looks like you had an awesome week at Camp Tiffy. :)

I love that first photo of Tiffy - her feet look SOOOO TEEEENY.

Sounds like it took you a little while to get settled over there but after that you got relaxed and called the place home.

You and Tiffy look really cute in your mouse hats! Ha ha!


Corbin said...

Woah! What a great place to camp out while your family went on vacation! Next time, maybe you can come to my house?