Monday, January 12, 2015

Breaking Bad

This is a picture of me breaking the rules. The RULES of car safety. Mommy says this is the LAST time I will be allowed in the CAR without my crate and ME IN the crate.

This is a picture of a crate LIKE mine
My actual crate shows more wear and tear
But I love it

Being in the CRATE keeps me safe from flying through the air should the car come to a complete STOP. It also keeps me away from Mommy's feet when SHE is driving. Being UNDER her feet is one of MY FAVORITE places in the world. Being in the crate also keeps me OFF her lap when she is trying to steer, off her shoulder when she is trying to see, and keeps me in one place rather than ALL OVER the car sniffing out eatables.

So why was I out of the CRATE to begin with? Well, the reason is not good because there really is NO GOOD REASON for me to be out of my crate and not otherwise RESTRAINED. The reason is Mommy was in a hurry and couldn't get to my crate with all of the Christmas stuff pulled out all over the garage. The other reason is even though I have TWO different harnesses made specifically for being in the car and staying safe, I am very adept at wiggling OUT of them. Yes, they do fit properly - even kinda snuggly. 

This is an example of my car harness
Clearly this is not me

But in the car I turn into Pug Houdini and I can wiggle out of ANYTHING. I had a car bed with attached harness and I jumped out of it then out of the harness all while Mommy was pulling on the freeway. She used some HBO words then, I tell you.

So that is the end of my roaming wild while on a road trip. It was fun while it lasted. I was a pug on the edge - Reckless and Free.


Julie said...

Oh yes, we know all about puppy Houdinis!
But Noodles, you do need to keep yourself safe sweetie!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

So you gotted BUSTED and now gotta ride the Crate . We are sorry about that... butt GLAD that you will be SAFE.

Two French Bulldogs said...

You must be safe and strapped in cause if they drive anything like this one!
Lily & Edward

Adi R. said...

lol You're such a rebel! Soldier loves car rides too! But being a pit bull, he knows he's too big to sit on the drivers lap. x) said...

Noodles, with all your escaping skills I'm surprised you're not a magician on the side. Stay safe on your car rides, little lady! :)