Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Are SOX Compliant!

Love these

I know I told you all about Miss Lorraine. . . about one day Mommy was reading the newspaper and saw a story about a LOCAL WOMAN who created these awesome therapy socks. Mommy thought it was the most interesting story and she contacted Miss Lorraine for more information about her product and her inspiration (Woodrow). Mommy and I like to highlight small businesses when we can because it is important to support them over big box stores.

Well one day what should arrive at our door - a pair of PURPLE Power Paws to try for ourselves!

Wow! These socks looked really cool and stylish. We, meaning me and Molly, couldn't wait to try them on.

Why should somePUGGY as young and healthy as MOI need therapy socks, one might ask? Well these socks are useful for a number of reasons - traction is the main reason and for Molly this is important. But they are also good for protection and I, perfect PUG PRINCESS that I am, will occasionally drag my "knuckles" when I go on long walks and this causes sores and scars. THAT will not do for me.

So we told Miss Lorraine THANK YOU and promptly tried them on. Guess what! They fit! AND they felt so good, too. I had no problem walking and did not even think to do the ROBOT walk I do in shoes. Molly also trotted all over the house and UP THE STAIRS! This is for what she needs traction - uncarpeted stairs like in our den. Molly has very furry feet, even when she is groomed! The fur concentrates under her toes and it is like she is walking on ice because she slips and slides around. She refused to walk up the two stairs from the den to the kitchen because she kept going SPLAT onto her chin.

I look sad only cuz I had to sit still for the pix

Well Miss Lorraine's Power Paws solved that one right away! Molly, once she realized she wouldn't slide, started dashing up and down the stairs with a whole lotta joy!

The big question is - DID THEY STAY ON? We all have socks that look real cute and fall off real fast. Those are such an aggravation. So for Power Paws to do any good, they HAVE to stay on. Well, they MOSTLY stayed on me but did eventually fall off. Molly's front ones stayed on but her back ones twisted and overnight worked their way off. So Mommy contacted Miss Lorraine who said "Come on over and we'll check the fit!"

Normal socks

I gotta say right off the bat - we loves loves loves Miss Lorraine and did RIGHT AWAY (cuz she gave us lots of big dog treats which we never get). In all honesty, she was very nice to us and spent a long time with us checking our feet and trying different socks. Turns out Molly's BACK PAWS are more like a poodle's than her front and so require POODLE socks. Once Miss Lorraine tried them on, they STAYED and STAYED and STAYED.

Poodle socks are longer in the toe

Molly is now able to wear them all the time which helps on the stairs. She even wears them outside so her delicate tootsies don't get wet when she does her early morning bidness.
Unlike other "therapy" socks, Woodrow Wear offers several kind of fits. Miss Lorraine has discovered that dogs do not have a ONE kind of paw. Some are square, some are long, some are skinny. And one dog may have different kinds of paws in front and back. It all comes down to what the dog was originally bred to do and how it evolved. For this reason, Woodrow Wear has different styles and fits. Check their sizing info here.

For me, I have skinny ankles (who'd a thought?) and so Mommy needs to wrap them with stuff so the socks have something to grip. She chose this -
She got it at Target. It works very well and now my socks are on for
the long haul.

And I gotta admit that adding the tape sorta gives me my own style.
And any of you who KNOW ME know I am all about the style.

Although the socks are not originally meant for outdoor wear, many of Woodrow Wearers DO find they are good for protecting pets' feet in rain, snow, and heat. Miss Lorraine suggests Scotch Guard to make them waterproof. It also helps create a little insulation to keep pets' feet dry and warm. And she discovered the reinforced ones (soon to be the standard Power Paw) will also protect a pet's paw from heat in excess of 180 degrees!!!! So, in essence, desert dogs can now go on walkies on hot pavement without damaging their pads. Amazing.

We cannot say enough about Woodrow Wear Power Paws. They are certainly everything they claim. The proof is in the wearing and we wear ours all the time. And I know they are not cheap ($19.99 for the regular ones, $29.99 for the reinforced ones) but they are durable and washable so they last a lot longer than the $6.99 ones that fall off almost as soon as Mommy puts them on. So they get lost, too. What good are three or two socks when one has four paws?

For PUPS with traction problems, Power Paws give them a dignified* way to move around on their own and do their bidness and eat and interact. It sure made Molly's stair phobia go away.

For dogs with grass allergies, Power Paws keep their sensitive paws away from the grass; and because the sock can then be taken off before the dog enters the house, they prevent the allergens from entering the home!

Thank you Miss Lorraine for giving us a chance to try out your socks and tell Blogville all about them.


We were not paid to do this review other than receiving the socks free of charge so we could try them, wear them, assess them, and put them through our own tests. All of the opinions contained in this review are our own and no one elses. . . MAYBE Mommy's cuz she has to do the typing and stuff. BUT THAT'S IT - no one else got any input at all but me and Molly. Really!!!

*This is the term Miss Lorraine used and we liked it we wanted to use it. But it was all Miss Lorraine's usage.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you Noodles and Molly for the test drive. Power Paws here we come!

Diasy and Scooter Pugman

Idaho PugRanch said...

yes we bought some socks at Petco but they come right off- these are interesting! Mabel wants you to know that one of her favorite toys is one that came from PITK for Angel Greta's prize!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Now these sound like the ANSWER to a LOT of problems...
You do look QUITE stylish in them.

Casey said...

Wow, they sound grreat! Maybe I need some of those so I don't slip playing fetch on our wood floors. said...

OMP, those socks are so cool! I love the Christmas ones you have on Noodles. Glad to hear Molly is getting the traction she needed. I could use a pair as my whole apartment is wall-to-wall wood floors (i.e. it's SLIPPERY!).