Friday, September 2, 2016

Everyone's Home But Still No Lap To Snuggle In

Happy Friday!
Today everybody is home. It is just one of those weird things that happen once in a while. It's kinda cool because there was no morning drama and no rushed exits. Everyone (except me. I made my Mommy get up at 5am) slept in until 8am and even then they were slow to emerge from their rooms.

I like the pace of days off. They are more relaxed and casual.

This weekend will be filled with wedding prep (favors and picking up dresses) because Mommy leaves for her trip on Wednesday and doesn't return until just before the wedding. Then on Monday - Labor Day - we are having some friends from Sacramento over for a BBQ. That'll be fun, don't you think? I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE it when Aunty T BBQs because she "accidentally" drops bits of chicken, pork, etc. What ever she is cooking. And then there are the "tester" bites. Oh I tell you. . . there's no need for dinner when Aunty T BBQs.

I'll try my best to get some blogs posted while Mommy is away. No Promises, though. Just. . . I'll try.

Have a great weekend - long weekend if you can -


stellaroselong said...

Our dad is going camping, we are going to go visit, we are looking forward to dropped hotdogs...................stella rose

Christmas & Robin said...

I hope my mom, ahem, accidentally drops meat for me this weekend! BOL!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful and safe weekend! And I hope your mommy has a safe and fun trip!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

i just want to play with monkeys,, and get treats,