Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Already? I Have a New Challenge and It's All About FOOD

No. These ARE my real ears. Why?

I cannot believe it is already September. That means in a few short days Mommy #2 is flying OVER THE POND to meet Princess Leah and her 'rents. Without me, I might add. She'll be gone about 8 days. Then she is home a day and the next day my Mommy #1 moves away from home to her new dorm at her new UNIVERSITY! That is a huge change for us, to be sure. Luckily she will be only 7.5 miles away . . . but she won't be available for cuddles and naps and THAT is gonna be hard on me. THEN a few days after that, the WHOLE family sans pets leave for my Cousin K's wedding in New Mexico! They will be gone for 4 days. I am gonna miss them. 

But to keep me from being too sad, offered me the chance to be a part of their 30 Day Challenge for NUTRA WILD FRONTIER kibble. It sounded so yummy that as soon as Mommy asked I started jumping up and down excitedly. YES! YES! YES! I said. But I had to wait TWO whole days for the food to arrive.

Not moving until this box is opened

Of course, it was still AUGUST so Mommy would not open the bag yet. She wouldn't no matter how much I begged and begged. Then Molly chimed in and we harmonized our begging - she sang the soprano part and I am more of an alto. It was like a choir. A choir of "Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!"

But Mommy did not.

Here's some facts about NUTRA WILD FRONTIER Rolling Meadows. It is one of FOUR delicious-sounding recipes for the Wild Frontier product line. There are: Woodland Trail (venison), Cold Water (salmon), Open Valley (chicken), and Rolling Meadow (lamb). We are normally all about the chicken but this time we chose lamb. In the past, lamb has been pleasing to both of us.

Wild Frontier food is characterized by being high protein and grain-free. This is important because recent studies have shown that dogs perform better on a high protein diet. AND grain-free is important not only for digestion but also to prevent food based allergies., on it's website, says Wild Frontier's key benefits are
Key Benefits
  • High protein, grain- free formula helps keep your dog full and happy
  • Provides steady energy for an active lifestyle
  • Helps support a strong, lean body
  • Great for adult dogs
Mommy keyed right in on the lean body part of these benefits. You know as well as I do that PUGS are always fighting the battle of the pudge. Mommy is finding that high quality foods that are grain-free and high protein really mean my weight is in check without drastically cutting down on my portions. That works for me. And being fuller means at LEAST 10 minutes of silence before I begin begging again.

So we are excited to try this food and see how it works for us. Today is September 1 so that means tonight dinner is in the ROLLING MEADOW.

I'll NUZZLE with you anytime

*We have received a month's worth of food so we can evaluate the food and take note of how we do on it. We are not being paid for any of this and any opinions expressed on this blog are ours and ours alone.


stellaroselong said...

Maggies bags are packed and she is waiting by the back door for your mom to pick her up on the way to the mom is green eyed jealous. stellie rose

Christmas & Robin said...

I knew I had to read this post when I saw the word FOOD!

Julie said...

Dear Noodles, I just can't wait fur your Mom to come visit me…oh I is hopping from paw to paw in excitement!!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Murphy said...

Your mom is meeting Princess Leah?? Wow! She better make sure she knows how to address royality! Sounds like some big changes at your house!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Pug Slope said...

Noodles, you are a hoot! I'm sorry there are so many changes going on right now in your world. Although new food is always exciting! Hope your one Mom has a great trip to the UK and your other Mom has a great time at University!


P.S. I will also nuzzle with Mr. Chewy anytime! BOL!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Keep screaming she'll open the bag
Lily & Edward

Anjali sharma said...

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