Monday, September 26, 2016

We Went to a Wedding for Cousin K in New Mexico

I'm all BRIDED up for the wedding

The mountains and mesas around Raton, New Mexico

My Cousin K moved to New Mexico when she was 10 years old. THAT was before I was born. She was a typical Cali Gurl before then. But she loved horses and loved loved loved visiting her GRANDPA'S ranch in northern New Mexico. She blended right in and grew up loving the ranching lifestyle and the people who live there. It is a very different and very beautiful state. There is a lot of variety in NM - mountains, desert, mesas and verdant farmlands on wide open plains. Where she lived it is mesas and mountains. There are ranches - predominantly cattle - everywhere. And critters abound - antelope, deer, skunk, cows, horses, coyotes, and so on.

This is a barn that looks normal from the front but from the back
you can see a whole wall is almost gone

Cousin K met NOW Cousin HC when she was in school. They were friends from the start. They even went to PROM together although they were not boyfriend and girlfriend. As luck would have it, that prom date was a premonition - many years and many OTHER boy/girl friends later, they found each other and fell in love. That is a pretty cool story, huh? They had their wedding ON TOP OF A MESA in a church that Cousin K's great-great grandfather helped build. It is a very old building. It is a small little church - The Johnson Family Church on Johnson Mesa.

Johnson Family Church

Inside the church it is small and cozy which was good because out on the mesa it was cool and very very windy. What a beautiful day for a wedding, though. You wouldn't have known that it was stormy just two days before. The wedding was performed by a family friend - someone Cousin K and NOW Cousin HC grew up with. I think that is so cool. It was very unconventional in some ways and very traditional in others. Perfect for Cousins C and HC.

Her colors were teal and purple which is unconventional
but really made church interior dazzle

 The reception was held at a hunting lodge owned by family friends. At first I was all - WHA"? A HUNTING lodge??? But in reality it was very nice and comfortable. The outside was filled with hay bales which people sat on and used as tables. Water and soda was in wheelbarrows filled with ice. Dancing was also done out there in the shade of the trees. It was a very fun time.

Father/Daughter dance


stellaroselong said...

OH it sounds like the most wonderful wedding, and needless to say you come a close second to that bride, in pretty ness.............(is that even a stella rose

Christmas said...

Bow wow, that dress makes you look dazzling! Who knows...maybe one day you will be allowed to go to a wedding because it will be your wedding...heehee!

Julie said...

What a pawfect wedding, just right fur Cousin K and NOW Cousin HC, congratulations to them both and very best wishes fur every future happiness
And what an amazing place New Mexico is….just look at all that SPACE!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Idaho PugRanch said...

looks like it was a wonderful wedding!
Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

Adi said...

The view looks so peaceful, and the history behind the church is amazing! I think they're story of how they refound eachother is so sweet.
Wishing them so much happiness and love!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Congratulations to them. What a pretty place
Lily & Edward