Thursday, April 27, 2017

The PEN is Mightier Than. . .

When the humans all leave the house, we are never left to run amok in the whole house.
This would be inviting disaster from our, let's just say, less mature adventures.
So we must be confined to quarters, as it were.
We are told to "go to your BIG room."
Sometimes this confuses us so we head to our crate or pillow.
Sometimes we head to Mommy's room because it USED to be the "Big Room".
But it really means to go to our PEN where ever it is set up.
I avoid getting a dreaded "No-no" by sitting at the door of the pen until I am sure.
Molly prefers to run in and out and then she refuses to go in until a TREAT is produced.
If we are good and EVENTUALLY go into the pen without too much human reminders, we ALWAYS get a treat.
It is the only thing about this exercise that is NOT confusing.

Note the array of bandanas decorating our crate. Those are from events we (mostly I) have gone to. I might wear then while at the event, but once I come home I immediately have them put on my pen. I think it personalizes the space. Don't you?


Two French Bulldogs said...

We don't look he it. We call it big jail. Those mommys are forever trying to trick uS
Lily & Edward

Casey said...

That's just called our "room." Momma says "go to your room" and we run right in, because we get treats there! It took Jessie a little time to learn to copy me, but nowadays we run there even before Momma says anything because we can tell she's getting ready to go.

Anonymous said...

A smart dog always knows where to wait for treats. We think you may have a future as an interior dogorator. We'd hire you!

Daisy (who is ailing) and Scooter Pugman