Friday, April 28, 2017

Uh Oh . . . I Forgotted Something Really Really IMPORTANT!!

I am so so so FIRING my assistant. She is so incompetent lately that it is reaching EPIC proportions. At first I thought it was cute. I mean - so what if I miss a blog posting or two. But NOW. . . now. . . she has totally dropped the squeaky ball.

She has not posted an AFFIRMATION in a HUNDRED DAYS!!!! Okay, okay. It has NOT been a hundred days. But it has been a long long time. She last posted on April 11 and that was ONLY Affirmation #6! At this rate it will be 2018 before we hit the 100 Affirmations mark.

I admit - I may not fire her. She does a pretty good job overall. But I am going to have to have a SERIOUS talk with her about this matter. No more missed posts. No more OLD photos. And under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is she to FORGET another Affirmation.

So without further ADO here is an AFFIRMATION for today -


Julie said...

Such a great affirmation Noodles, glad you reminded your secretary to post it, pawfect rule to live by!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Anonymous said...

We're tooking forward to all the affirmations. Now breathe deeply and smile at your wonderful assistant. She deserves it.

Daisy and Scooter Pugman