Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Aunt T's Afloat on a Boat

What a VIEW they will have from here!!!!!

Aunt T and her friends took off for a cruise yesterday. They are on a 10 day cruise to Alaska and the Inland Passage. It sounds chilly but - what do I know? All I am concerned about is . . . will there be lots of food? And the answer to that is YES.

Mommy #2 and I took them to the boat in San Francisco. We live a bit more than an hour from San Francisco and so we often have very different weather (microclimates as they are referred to on TV). We did NOT know what to expect once we got there. What we found was a PICTURE PERFECT day.

First we drove to Aunt T's friend's house to pick them and their suitcases up. We were shocked when we got there as they had MUCHO STUFFO! The car looked like this when all was said and done. But it DID all fit with room for passengers. Thank goodness I had a LAP to sit on, huh?

It was a LONG drive aggravated by a nasty accident that actually closed the highway. Luckily we allowed a lot of time. Once we got to The City, there was not a lot of traffic and we were blessed with magnificent views of San Francisco and the Golden Princess - their floating home away from home for the next 10 days.

Coit Tower
Downtown featuring the Transamerica building 

The Golden Princess
The first person to meet us was a PORTER. He was there to take ALL of their luggage and extras to their stateroom. He was very funny and very very helpful. He treated them LIKE ROYALTY! Granted, it IS his job. But he did it very very well.

Once they were boarded, I got an extra special tour of the boat - well, really just their stateroom. But I can tell you it is a pretty amazing and BIG BOAT.

Isn't this a wonderful room? It is small, yes.
 Best of all, they will get to see some wonderful parts of AMERICA and CANADA that we just don't see all that often. Mommy said she saw the coastline of Alaska once when she flew to China. But one really does not get the full FLAVOR of the land from that high up, huh?

I cannot wait to see photos and hear all about their adventures when they get back. It is going to be a long long time, though.

On the drive home, we went through downtown and this was our view. Doesn't that just take your breath away? And look at the BLUE SKIES! It was just a magnificent adventure to go there. I have not been to Pug Sunday in San Francisco in a long long time. I think I NEED to do so next month.

Mommy says she was NOT driving when she
took this photo. She was stopped at a light.
Yeah, I know. . . still illegal
I forgot to mention one more thing. While Aunt T and her friends are gone we are caring for their puppy LULU. Can you believe it? What fun. We met Lulu at Christmas when she was about 4 month old. She is 8 months old now and taller than any of us. Still a very small dog, nonetheless. She is still missing her Mom so she is being a little standoffish and won't leave her bed by the front door too much. Except to sit on Aunt B or Mommy's laps. But she is getting happier all the time and I think may even start to play soon. In the meantime, I am sharing ALL OF MY TOYS with her.
Meet Lulu
We were watching "Ellen"

Now it's time for another of my 100 Affirmations:

** By the way, I did not really go onboard. Mommy #2 is kind of a whiz with photo manipulation and she totally takes advantaged of gullible peoples. But she means well - it is all a part of storytelling. I am telling you this only because I don't want you to get in trouble for trying to sneak on a cruise liner.


Two French Bulldogs said...

We wouldn't mind taking that cruise
Lily & Edward

Julie said...

Oh wow, what a pawsome looking boat, I do hopes Aunty T has the most amazing time
Glad you got to be there and give her a good send off Noodles, a pawfect start to her holiday!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx