Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Last Days With Lulu - Her Mommy Returns on Thursday

So. . . what do YOU wanna do . . . I dunno. . . What do YOU
wanna do?
Lulu is entering her 9th day at Case de Noodles. It has been an interesting time dealing with a PUPPY. She has a lot more energy than either myself or Molly. She is mouthy (hahaha, as if I am not) and completely distrusting of Sunshine the Cat (who could care less). BUT she is a good girl and has had no accidents in the house - rang the bells ONCE to be let out - and generally listens when Mommy or Aunt B tell her to do something. She no longer sits by the front door waiting for her Mommy to return (this is partly because I admit to pirating her bed). She is comfortable all over the house and with all HUMAN family members.

And she loves to play. . . and play. . . and PLAY! Have mercy on me does she love to PLAY. It is really good for me because it UPS my steps per day. And the weather has been perfect for staying outside for a while and running around the lawn (our "lawn" is really all weeds since the drought killed off all of our soft cushy grass).

Lulu will be here until Thursday because that is when her Mommy returns from her cruise. I am sure she has had a lot of fun on that big floating city. Lulu sent her a Mother's Day message along with a photo. Smartphones are wonderful for that kind of thing.

Lulu's Mother's Day Portrait

I think we will miss Lulu once she returns home BUT I know we will see her now and then. She always has a place with us.

Affirmation Time


Julie said...

9 days already????Wow thats just FLOWN past….and thats a sign of a very welcome visitor.
Ummmm, as I luffs to PLAY as well, perhaps Lulu would like to visit me next? (and could you escort her Noodles AND bring your Mom as well pleeeeeease?)
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

What fun having a live in playmate. Those puppies are lots of fun
Lily & Edward