Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day Three of 2018 Brings Changes

Cousin E drew this with no Noodles to model.
I am very impressed

Happy Day Three of 2018. I can hardly believe it. It seems so soon. First we had Thanksgiving which kind of took FOREVER to get here . . . and then I blinked and it is now 2018. Where did December go? It's all a blur today.

Today was different that the previous 14. Today, for the first time of 2018 EVERY HUMAN, except my Mommys, went back to work!!! And school!!! That means it is just me and my Mommys (and Molly, and Sunshine the Cat, and Jade the Bird). It's so Q-U-I-E-T. That could be due to the lack of HEATING, though. Our heater broke on New Years Eve (thanks 2017) and won't be fixed until the END of this week! So it is not grumbling and then blowing. Sometimes it is so loud I cannot hear the TV! So. . . that's different.

I have a lot of plans for the NEW YEAR. I just hope I can put them in action. I am currently putting ONE in action

Yes, yes. I plan to catch a few EXTRA naps to make up for Mommy's lack of napping. She is always doing something or going somewhere and I admit. I try to keep up with her. But NOT this year. I plan to NAP first and adventure LATER. At least until it warms up and the strawberries begin to ripen. Then I plan to NAP second and Adventure FIRST.

I also plan to be better about blogging. I admit to LAGGING some this past year. On days Mommy had to go meet her boss - I didn't blog. On days Mommy was very busy cleaning or cooking, I didn't blog. This year I am going to PLAN the week ahead and make sure I post 5 days a week. . . like I used to BEFORE Mommy worked from home.

I plan to HIKE more this year. Mommy #2 as well. There are plenty of dog friendly trails in our part of the VALLEY so I plan to explore them. I have a limit to how much I can walk and so does Mommy #2 (old knee, ankle and foot injuries) so we are pretty compatible there/

I plan to WIDEN my food horizons as well. I know, I know. "Noodles," you are saying, "You are already very adventurous in your eating! You eat VEGETABLES!" And you are right there, my friend. But I plan to move out from my CHICKEN dominant diet and onto other MEATS. Why not? They might suit me.

Finally, I plan to make more FURiends and NURTURE the FURiendships I have. I'll comment more and be a bit more active in BLOGVILLE - like I used to be. It just takes a bit more organization.

So there you have it. My 2018 plan of action.
Wish me luck.


Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Those are great plans. We hope you aren't too cold. We would have to move out if the heat broke as it is too cold here!

Idaho PugRanch said...

We would have a hard time without heat here in Idaho!
Mom says she needs more organization too
Hazel & Mabel

Casey said...

I can definitely join you in the More Naps resolution!