Thursday, January 18, 2018

Playing Games #Chewyinfluencer

It's one of those days - rain is coming and
napping seems the best course to take

Happy Thursday EveryPuggy! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my photo yesterday. However, no one commented on my SMILE! I was so happy in that picture because I was sitting between my TWO MOMMYS! Yes. Mommy #1 was home from university for Aunt T's birthday lunch. So I got to spend time with both Mommy #1 and Mommy #2 AT THE SAME TIME. What a treat. I could not contain my glee and so that is why I was smiling.

My cheeks hurt from all of the smiling.

On to the TOPIC OF THE DAY - my LATEST adventure. And I do mean adVENTURE because this has been one for the funny papers. It all started with an email from asking if I would be interested in reviewing a special item this month. The item in question is one of those slow feeder bowl thingies that slow FAST eaters (Me) down while entertaining their minds. I was all "No! No! No! I like to scarf down eatables!" I reminded Mommy that I had done those bowls in the past and they just do not work for SHORT SNOUTED puggirls. She agreed with me and then GUESS WHAT? She said YES!

Yes! I could not believe my velvety ears. Why in Pugnation would she say yes to something she KNOWS is doomed to fail. Well, she explained. . . two reasons

  1. Who can say NO to Ms Natalie of
  2. Who better to test a feeder bowl than the one expected to fail? It will be a true test (unlike the Gen7Pets Carry Me Sleeper which I knew I'd love)!
The bowl Ms. Natalie was talking about is the Outward Hound Fun Feeder. It comes in two sizes (Small for small breed dogs and Large for the bigger breeds) and three colors. Each color has a different design which indicates the level of difficulty for the dog to remove the food. The one I chose (do we ever really choose???) is the PURPLE one and it has the lowest degree of difficulty. It has a pretty FLOWER pattern. You will see it below. The other two are TEAL which is medium difficulty and ORANGE which is the toughest to navigate. The depths of the grooves are about 1 inch.

Medium Difficult

Most Difficult  

So we said yes and in a short amount of time it arrived at our door. I was so excited to see the box that I acted like my usual Banshee (Ever hear a pug scream? Very Banshee-like). Until Mommy pulled out the. . . BOWL?

Never one to give up, Mommy and I discussed the bowl and possibilities (giving it to Molly who was cool to the idea after a couple of treats; keep it for Sunshine who was like Molly; or give it to our FURiend Tiny who already eats too slowly) until we finally decided to keep trying to LIKE it.

So Mommy came up with another PLAN -

Well that was a BUST, I daresay. I was pretty mad that THEY could get treats and I couldn't. So Mommy kinda overcompensated by putting an equal number of treats (they each managed to get 2 before Mommy picked up the bowl) on the floor near my PRONE but wiggly pug body (yes, I was having a tantrum).

But Cousin E had an idea. The next day she put treats in the bowl and sat with me, plying me with treats, and showed me HOW TO LIFT a treat out of the bowl. And if I did, I was given ANOTHER TREAT!. And you know what? I eventually was able to get some treats out of the bowl!!!!


So NOW I am successfully able to get large treats out of the dish. Like almost peaking over the edge large pieces. Anything smaller is out of my ability to get. Not having a snout is a real issue with this BOWL. And I have a petite tongue as well. Perhaps short shouts but long tongues would work. But I am just speculating. It is kind of case by case.

That said, the quality of the bowl is amazing. It is solid and heavy - none of that cheap Dollar Tree type plastic bowls (Don't get me wrong - those cheap plastic bowls have saved me more than once so they have their uses. . . but not day to day). And the bowl has enough weight that it does not shift around the floor constantly thus preventing me EVEN FURTHER!

So we give the Outward Hound Fun Feeder 7 out of 12 PAWS up for us. It just is too hard for a PUG PRINCESS to have to work so much for a treat. And the interest level of the other two was minimal.

**Thank you for providing us with the Outward Hound Fun Feeder free of charge so we could try it out and review it. All opinions in this blog are mine along and I do not get paid for any of it.


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Well....we DO have snouts and long tongues, but we prefer to inhale our food, too. So we don't think we'd like that much. And we think sometimes a Puggy Princess Tantrum is called for...just sayin'.

Idaho PugRanch said...

We wondered how difficult it would be for us pugs. Miss Natalie offered it to us too but we declined. No snout has it disadvantages fur sure
Hazel & Mabel