Monday, January 29, 2018

If The Cat Fits . . .

What is it about CATS that make them love small places? I like cozy and formfitting, but this. . .. this is just silly. Sunshine the Cat will try and fit into the smallest boxes (this one, for example, is not even the size of printer paper (8.5 X 11)! There is no way I could fit even one paw into that box. Somehow Sunshine managed to SIT in the box and actually stayed in it for a long time.


Sunshine: Well, my dear dear Noodles. Because I CAN. It is what I excel at. It is what I do. Kind of like opening cabinet doors and tiptoeing through the pots and pans. I do it because I CAN. You, however, are not fleet nor light of foot so there is NO WAY you can do similar feats. You are simply jealous.

AS IF! I mean. . . can you do this, Sunshine? Yes, yes, yes - okay. Why WOULD you? I am not sure why I did.


Casey said...

Noodles! What are you doing in the washing machine?! That's a dangerous place to stay.

As for why Sunshine curls up in little boxes, it's easy. All cats suffer from a burning desire to be boxers. So they imitate us however they can!

Noodles said...

Oh Casey
I was hanging out for a photo op. Our washer is a top loader and way too tall for me to get into by myself. It was totally safe.
But you are so right. That silly Sunshine likes to jump into the dryer when no one is watching. she is lucky she has not gotten shut in there.
Love Noodle