Friday, April 6, 2018

Back in My Own BED. . . Actually, It's Mommy's Bed

I like traveling, but I mostly like returning home to MY OWN BED. I cannot explain it, actually. But once I get home and snuggle with Mommy in her bed, I relax and feel so much more like myself.

Mommy was up VERY late the day we returned home. She just was not sleepy after all that packing and driving and going to work. I think she had no down time and so had trouble relaxing enough to sleep.

I had NO PROBLEM. As soon as I got home I settled down on my Star Trek bed and was sawing LOGS for a long time before Mommy decided she absolutely HAD to get to bed. So she picked me up, all groggy and sleepy, and took me to our bedroom. She put me on the bed and told me to LAY DOWN but NOT ON HER PILLOWS.

This is where she found me.

Mommy was not happy.

I was so asleep (or so she THINKS) that she could NOT move me over. And THAT is how I came to dominate the bed. The next morning Mommy was even sleepier.


Wyatt said...

Being in your own bed is great, but being in the Mom's bed is BEST!
Wyatt and Tegan

Pug Slope said...

Sneaky! :) Glad you wiggled your way into the most comfortable spot, Noodles!