Monday, April 2, 2018

There's Snow Everywhere

To celebrate SPRING, the family decided to take a trip to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the snow. It makes no sense to me, either. BUT, I have been to the Chalet before and I loves loves loves it there. So fairly early in the morning, Mommy, me, Molly, Cousin C and Aunt B left for the high country. It was a warm morning and we HOPED there would still be snow when we got to Tahoe.

First we stopped at Auntie B's house cuz it is on the way. I wanted to say Happy Easter to her and Max.


Then we drove and drove and drove and drove (each "drove" represents an hour) AND then we finally pulled into the drive. I was very happy to get out of the car and explore the new digs. We were joined by Auntie S and two of her five kids. I like them because they are nice to me.

What's that grimy white stuff Mommy?

The Chalet is so nice and has a lot of space. And the snow is pretty although very very cold. We have to take walks to do our bidness so we get a lot of fresh air walks. A lot. Once in a while I test the snow to see if it is still cold. Molly doesn't. She doesn't want to walk much, either. She is happy to stay indoors all of the time and not get her tootsies wet.

The kids built a snow man out in front and it was really big! In fact, it is still standing. The kids spent a lot of time outside. In fact, most of the day. The Mommys all spent the afternoon unpacking and preparing lunch and then dinner. They were tired after the long drive.

Our last walk was just before the sun set (too dangerous for little pups to be out after sundown - coyotes are around. You never know when they will wander into a populated space. And then, there are bears, too.

The next day, Easter, we went sledding.


Matilda the Boxer said...

OMD, what a weird way to celebrate spring! Glad you had fun, though. You can keep the snow, I like to stay warm!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We just looked at the forecast and there is a lot of snow coming s we guess we are celebrating spring too.