Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Orange You Glad Supplies Birds? #chewyinfluencer

This is JADE. He (we think) is a PARAKEET of indeterminate age. He has been a member of Casa de Noodles for over 5 years now and we don't know how old he was when he joined us. He was originally part of a DUO - Jade and Pearl. Pearl, of course, was a white Parakeet. She/he sadly passed away a couple of years ago. We thought JADE would be sad and soon follow suit BUT WE WERE WRONG! Apparently Pearl was a BULLY and Jade has kind of blossomed with Pearl out of the picture.

It's hard to know what a bird likes and Mommy tries a lot of little things on Jade to see if he likes them. So far he likes PLAIN seed, PLAIN cuttle bone and PLAIN millet sprays. But Mommy persists and when offered a special treat as part of the April review offerings, she jumped at the chance to treat JADE to something special.

This is what she chose - Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices Bird Treats, 0.7-oz bag. The description says it is good to ALL KINDS of birds so even though there was not a Parakeet on the package photo, she thought WHY NOT? Well, according the JADE, if there isn't a Parakeet on the package, then it isn't Parakeet food. Hmmmmmmm, he's an odd one, that JADE.

I tell ya. . . take a look at these ORANGE SLICES!!! These are what Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices LOOK LIKE. And they smell divine. I honestly think Mommy should TREAT ME with them. I know I'd totally dig them. I'm a fruit kinda PUG. But apparently JADE is NOT a fruit kinda BIRD. What are they MADE OF, you ask? These snacks are 100% REAL oranges that are dried. That is all. No preservatives necessary. No additives needed. They are PACKED with Vitamin C and Fiber and Protein AS IS! So I think JADE is pretty lucky to have them.

This is where the slice was placed on DAY ONE. And this is also where the slice remains today - Almost 2 WEEKS and untouched . . . but smelling lovely. I guess as far as JADE is concerned the orange slice is a good ROOM FRESHENER.

So for JADE, this was NOT a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. But Mommy tried. Now she needs to find something to do with the rest of the bag. I bet the HUMANE SOCIETY might like the rest. They often have exotic birds in their care. In the meantime, JADE'S cage area smells very very sweet.

** Thank you for sending us one bag of Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Orange Slices FREE OF CHARGE so we may try them and write a review. As always, we are not PAID to say anything and any opinions expressed in A Bowl Of Noodles are mine alone.


The Daily Pip said...

Oh too bad Jade didn't like the orange slices. I bet they smell wonderful! Also glad he is adjusting to life without Pearl. Chewy definitely has everything for all kinds of pets.

Idaho PugRanch said...

That's the way it goes sometimes. I like about everything we get, Hazel can be so so
Hazel too

Julie said...

Oh Noodles, I didn't realise that you had a Birdie of your very OWN!?!?
I LUFFS watching the Birdies in my garden, at the moment I'm watching a Mr Bluetit who has nested in my Jasmine and is trying to protect his nest by attacking the other Mr Bluetit he sees in the garden mirror which is on the wall just under his nest...nutty Birdie, Dad has just had to cover the mirror up so nutty Birdie can get on wiv his nest building and not the fighting stuffs
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx