Thursday, October 11, 2018

Who? What? Where in the World Has Noodles Been?

I apologize for being absent all week from Blogger. It was so unexpected and crazy. Basically, Mommy caught the cold of the century and really didn't feel like writing. But she had some quick posts at the ready so she could make something happen.

But then MISCHIEF happened. Mommy turned on the BIG COMPUTER where all of our info RESIDES and it took a long long time to open. That peeved her but sometimes when there is an update it takes a while.

Then she opened her profile and received a message that she was on a temporary ID which would erase when she exited. AND THEN she noticed all of her files were GONE! Kaput! NADA! What to do???

She pouted for like a MILLISECOND and then took it to the COMPUTER DOC. She had to find one though because when she went to the guy she has hired in the past, his shop was closed and cleaned out. Uh-oh! She lucked out and found one near Auntie N which is pretty close to here. She got a good vibe from him and feels pretty confident that he can take care of the problem. If not then Mommy may have a mini-nervous breakdown. She had not backed up the files in too many months. Her BAD. Lesson learned. . . maybe.

Anyhow, that is a long-winded way of saying we will be outta commission for a small while but hope to be back IN THE GROOVE very soon.

We're on borrowed computer time in the meantime,


World of Animals, Inc. said...

We are happy That your mom is feeling better, but that news of the computer is the worse to hear about. We hope the computer doc can fix it and everything will be found. Have a great day and good luck with everything.
World of Animals

Idaho PugRanch said...

Hope you can get your computer fixed or at least recover your stuff. This reminded mom it was time to do a back up on ours
Hazel & Mabel

Matilda the Boxer said...

Oh dear! We hope the computer doc gives your computer some good medicine and fixes it up real quick. Hopefully it won't have to wear the cone of shame until it's better.