Thursday, March 10, 2011

Doggie Bon Bons

Years and years and years and years ago, the groundskeeper at the university came running after Mommy. "Your dog is leaving doggie bon bons all over the grass, you need to leash her and keep her off the grass," he said. "But those are not from my dog," Mommy said. And it was true.

Doggie Bon Bons - and not the good kind

WHAT, you say, is Noodles talking about? I am talking about POOP and a whole lot of it lately.
Mommy and I wandered out our front door recently and what did we see? POOP on our lawn and NOT from me!
AND that wasn't all! AS we got to the sidewalk, we saw a whole lineup of Doggie Bon Bons and none of them from ME! And as we walked down the sidewalk around our neighborhood we saw more and more piles all over the place. It was most unpleasant.
"What is going on?" Mommy said rather curtly. And frankly I have to AGREE! What IS going on?

We used to walk through the neighborhood and never see any poop. And both of my Mommy's always always ALWAYS remember to bring poop bags with them when we walk. And even share them with dog walkers who may have left theirs at home!
But lately there is a lot of strange poop ON THE SIDEWALKS and in our yard!

Why can't other dog PAWrents be more responsible and PICK UP THE POOP? It just makes sense, don't you agree? If everyone did their best to clean up after their peeps and pups, then the area would be more pleasant for ALL to enjoy!

                      I am going to start a neighborhood campaign called  
I hope to end this problem soon.

(Mommy wants to thank Julio from her college days for coining the phrase Doggie Bon Bons. Of course, at the time he was accusing her dog of leaving them . . . which she wasn't . . . but nonetheless the phrase stuck. RIP Julio, you were a wit.)


H Ski said...

I have noticed a lot in our neighborhood too. I almost think people figured there was snow on the ground so they did not have to pick up after there dogs. The problem is that it then makes all dog owners look bad, including the responsible ones.

Minnie Moo said...

We live downtown and everyone seems to be leaving doggie bon bons lately because of the weather! Ewww gross!

Good luck Noodles


Minnie Moo

Benny and Lily said...

yuk, BOL
Benny & Lily

Frankie Furter said...

I say... If I Make it... mom should Take it!! and she always does.

Anna the GSD said...

We always have poo...I mean BonBon bags! Leaving behind bonbons is not cool at all! Even in the woods mom uses the baggies. Maybe you need a secret Poo-Bandit cam to catch them?

Charlie said...

My moms always carry poop bags -- it's just good manners!
- Charlie

Treat Lover said...

Dear Noodles,
Chili and I went to the dog park by our house the other day, and we saw abandoned pug sized bon bons in the dirt. There were only 3 other dogs there and they were big, so I'm not sure who left them, but we were really worried about being falsely accused of not picking up after ourselves. Why can't everyone be good dog citizens like we are? Two paws up to you for highlighting this issue! We'll keep picking up after ourselves and hopefully other dogs will follow our lead.


Suki said...

Hi Noodles,

We hate seeing bon bons. Mom calls them land mines. Mom always makes sure we have plenty of land mine bags when I walk. Last weekend, I was a local nursery and saw the same "No" sign.


I'm Bailey the Pampered Pug said...

I can't believe people don't have the respect to pick up after their pets, when I do my business outside my mommy always makes sure to pick it up, because the last thing nobody wants to do is step in it.


Marlene said...

My mom agrees with your mom! Doggy bon bons left on the ground are unsanitary and can spread disease!

Love, Marlene

Dana Orsborn said...

I think I stepped in about three piles
of doggie bon bons this past week.
The poop is crazy in our neighborhood too!
Even when poo bags are supplied, some people
still refuse to pick up their bon bons.

-Dana & Daisy

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