Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Just ANOTHER cute picture of ME
I know, I know. I have been noticeably absent from the Blog scene lately. Other than retail, and by that I mean working in a store and not an adventure involving a new TAIL, I have no good excuses.
But here it is, 2012, the start of a NEW YEAR and I am ready to spread my thoughts far and wide, kinda like I do with my bidness ONLY Mommy does not have to pick it up all the time . . .

I am sorry, I rambled a little.

For now let it suffice that I will be a more OVERT and formidable presence in BLOGVILLE from here on out.

CAVE CANEM (doggie beware!)


Kari in Vegas said...

you are just so adorable

Stop on by for a visit

Stewey said...

Such a cute pic, Noodles!
Happy New Year!

Frank The Tank said...

Oh my Pugness Noodles! Cute as cute can be, you look more than amazingly adorable in your Christmassy Elf costume! I just want to hug you soooooo much! Happy New Year, I wish you an abundance of health, wealth and love .... Oh and lots of treats and tummy rubs too! I must admit an adventure about a new tail sounds fantastic, maybe you can make up a little story for me?? Love, Licks and big Pug hugs from your friend Frank x x x x x

Payton's Gampy said...

Noodles we have missed you but it's just that time of year when all of us are very busy being cute, taking pictures of cute, and seeing famiy. Look forward to your posts!


Corbin said...

OMG, I can't stop looking at your adorable photo... oh my.

Payton said...

Cute is right! I love that picture of you. I hope to be back blogging soon too. We need to get our thumbs going!

Wilma said...

Love your cuteness! Got your card today too! You're the cutest!

Two French Bulldogs said...

love the hat
Benny & Lily

Southern Fried Pugs said...

The holidays are exhausting! We're not even unpacked yet from our trip and whew, the laundry! You take your time to gather your thoughts and stay cute!

Nana Gail said...

well i think you are so cute and am stopping by again to hear more stories.