Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birdy Got It Covered

This is the story of a PUG and a BIRD CAGE.

Every night the human would put the birds to bed by covering the cage with a special blanket. Noodles wondered why and often asked (barked) what the human was doing. She never really got an answer other than "Putting the birds to bed."

One night Noodles was being very insistent about getting an answer to why the birdcage was covered at night. Finally, in frustration, her human took the cover and put it over her. Immediately Noodles stopped asking. She just stood there in the quiet and the dark - not moving a muscle, not making a sound.

Photo from Martha Stewart

The human then walked away and Noodles heard her say, "Goodnight Noodles. Enjoy." Then Noodles heard the light click off (she couldn't really tell if the light went out because she was already in the dark" and the door to the bedroom shut.

Noodles just stood there, not moving a muscle. . . not making a sound. "Hmmmm," she thought. "This is rather relaxing. I can certainly understand why the birds like it." She was also getting kinda sleepy so she closed her eyes - all the while not moving a muscle. . . not making a sound.

An eternity later, she heard the bedroom door open, her human's footsteps advancing, and  the light switch click. "Woosh," the blanket went as it was quickly removed from over her. Her human was laughing uncontrollably by now and when Noodles looked up, she saw tears in her human's eyes. Tears of mirth.

"Oh Noodles," her human said. "You really are the funniest pug."

HAPPY THING #40: Birds
They are pretty and sound really nice when
they sing


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

So did it leave you... BIRDBRAINED???

Casey said...

I don't know, that sounds pretty cozy to me! I loves snuggling under the covers on cold nights!

stellaroselong said...

Lord only knows what would have happened if you would have kept bugging her about getting IN the cage.....
I imagine it was cozy and quiet.
stella rose

Anonymous said...

Hehehe thanks for the giggles, did she learn her lesson about explaining things to you?

The Mad Scots

McGuffy Ann Morris said...

Now you know why the birds find it relaxing, Noodles!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Snuggles are good. Thank you for that story
Lily & Edward

PugSlope.com said...

Ha ha - cute story, Noodles! So, tell us, is it purely fiction or based on ACTUAL EVENTS. :)


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