Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Bonus Track

Photo taken at Auntie B's Boot Camp

My ASSISTANT has been so busy this week she totally FAILED on my post for yesterday. I was a little upset and threatened to post a UNHAPPY THING instead of my usual HAPPY THING. But she explained the situation and I totally understood. Instead of complaining any more, I laid my head on her knee and went to sleep. She seemed to calm down as a result.
Sometimes I have to take a moment to calm down my assistant like that. . . it is my talent.

Anyhow, as you all know, I have been lucky enough to attend Auntie B's Boot Camp a number of times. About as many times as I have years, I think. It is ironic that my attendance always coincides with my Mommys going out of town. Hmmmm. I never thought about that. I must ask them if this is a coincidence or not.

At Auntie B's Boot Camp, she keeps me very very busy with a lot of walks and yard time. And I am not talking about short little around the block walks. No siree! I am talking about HOURS and MILES of walks. It strains my little puggy PAWS but I have to admit I LOVE THOSE WALKS.

Auntie B's Boot Camp also features an exercise course that I thoroughly enjoy. She calls it "THE STAIRS" but I know better than that. We have stairs at my house but just one set. She has 2 sets and a LANDING. OMP can I get going on those. It is quite the work-out. I through in a little crazy barking to exercise my lungs as well. Aerobic health is so important.

When it is time to lay low, Auntie B's yard has some world class SHADE. I find a sliver and park my PUG BOTTOM. There I wind down from the morning's activities and gear up for the afternoon. I just love it there. I am so happy when my Mommys return - but I admit, I am always a little disappointed to leave Auntie B's Boot Camp.

Photo by Auntie B

- I have TWO HAPPY THINGS today -

               Happy Thing #42: Stairs

 Happy Thing #43: Sliver of Shade


Two French Bulldogs said...

Something is very fishy about Aunties boot camp
Lily & Edward said...

Sounds like quite a workout at Auntie B's, Noodles! I went on a log walk recently and needed a few days to recover. The winter has caused me to get a little tubey, but I need to GRADUALLY work my way into epic walks, you know? Glad you found some nice shade to rest in!


McGuffy Ann Morris said...

I think happy things are important to find and share.

Angel Payton, Donald, and Daisy's Gampy said...

Wow Noodles, you are getting in some serious workouts! Your Mommy might not recognize you when she returns, you'll be built like Wonder Woman! Of course that is absolutely fitting because you are a Wonder Pug!


Casey said...

Oooh, stairs! Did you know my Grandma's house has TWO sets of stairs on opposite sides of the house? I can run UP one, zoom down the hall, and then run DOWN the other set!!