Monday, April 14, 2014

Like a Colorful Carpet

I did a lot of this over the weekend. Sitting and waiting for Mommys. They were out and about doing their things while I waited and waited.

When Mommy #2 came home she smelled faintly of flowers - wildflowers. She had gone to the Sunol Wildflower Festival and hiked around trying the identify the myriad wildflowers everywhere. She said it was such a wonderful day and the weather was perfect. She had thought of bringing me but did not because she thought it might be too warm for me. She also mentioned some scary things like ticks, snakes and tarantulas. I suspect they scare her more than they scare me.

Mommy's LAME photo of  SOME flower

As usual, Mommy did not take her camera. She says it takes lousy photos and besides, she was meeting Auntie B and SHE takes wonderful photos. As LUCK (??) would have it, Mommy and Auntie B never actually FOUND each other although they both spent the majority of their time looking and waiting. So Mommy took a small hike with a group of strollers and family with small kids. She didn't think it would matter, at the time. The people, although friendly, were not really interested in listening to the docent speak about the flora in the surrounding meadows. In fact, they were only excited to SIT in the meadows and have their family photos taken while surrounded by said wildflowers (and ticks, I might add). And she cannot tell you how many fathers let their wee ones PICK the flowers. . . all in all, there were a lot of starts and stops for waiting on toddlers and not a lot of wildflower hunting. Of course, one did not really need to hunt them at all for the flowers carpeted the hillsides so completely and colorfully. It was halfway up the hill when Mommy realized she wished she had a camera. So she took the first flower picture on this page with her phone - which was no good for anything else since there is no phone reception in the park.

 Auntie B's photos, shared on the left, are very different from Mommy's. She used a REAL camera with big lenses. The colors are so rich and it almost seems like you can reach out and pick the flowers. And Auntie B took off on a hike by herself where she found a lot more flowers than Mommy did. That was fortunate.

Finally after NOT finding Auntie B after 3 hours of looking, Mommy headed back to our abode.

When she got home, she spent a lot of time with me cuddling and snuggling. She made up for abandoning me for half the day. And the B-A-T-H? Yes, both Molly and I got one which actually made me feel a lot better than I thought it would. And the pawdicure made walking a lot quieter.

Sunday I spent ALL DAY out in the back yard SUPERVISING Auntie T doing yardwork. Someone needs to let her know how far back to trim the bushes! The weather was nice and warm but there was also a cooling breeze that kept it all so FINE.

HAPPY THING #49: Wildflowers


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH MY.... Mother Nature surely did "PLANT" some beautiful flowers. Wonder what that CURLED like a SNAIL SHELL one is called? It is really pretty.
Too bad that the Big Peeps didn't tell the Little peeps that it is not nice to pick the Wild Flowers.

TICKS??? Ooooooooh we HATE those thingys.
YOUR wild flowers made US happy too. THANKS.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Those events are so much fun for MOMS only. We know the feeling
Lily & Edward

stellaroselong said...

Noodles you must have taken a left turn at Nebraska instead of a right turn cos we nevers seen you even one time this weekend...we love those flower pictures tho.
stella rose