Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Different BUT Great Summer (and yes, I know the REAL Summer is not over yet)

Our Summer guests are gone, Cousin C is back at school, Me/Mommy#1/Mommy#2 moved back to Casa de Noodles, and Cousin E and Mommy #1 are preparing to return to university. August started off rather cool and we contemplated sweater and then POOF! The cool days were gone and replaced with scorching temps. This has been some SUMMER.


 Because there were so many people in our house, Auntie B said ME and my MOMMYS could stay at her mother's empty house. Grandma H had passed away last Fall and the house had been empty since. What a TREAT that was - we had the run of the house and I didn't have to share my bed with Molly AT ALL! 

No Mommy, I said I was not sharing with ANYONE, not just Molly. Ha! Like I said, I really enjoyed being a solo PUG - even if it was only in the evenings and on weekends. We were at Casa de Noodles every day so Mommy #2 could work. That is where her office is AND Grandma H's house had no wifi.


The Fourth of July was a tough one. It was actually tough from the end of June because that is when the neighbors in the court behind Grandma H's house began shooting off fireworks. Big BOOMS! I got used to their pattern and was pretty calm . . . UNTIL. . . The. . . FOURTH!!!! Our big house has places where the BOOMS are not so loud - but not the little place we were staying. It was almost like the BOOMS were inside!  See that belly wrap? It was actually (poorly) wrapped around my chest and midsection in an effort to keep me calm. Mommy was worried. The BOOMS were so loud I simply could NOT calm down. The wrap helped. 

The white peaches became ripe while we were there and I enjoyed going outside and noshing a peach or two (or three). Then one day Mommy #2 declared they were ripe and picked a whole bunch - I helped. I THOUGHT they were all for me which is why I am smiling in the photo. I got one or two. . .sigh. . .

This is how the counter at THE HOUSE looked ALL THE TIME. Fresh fruit. Mouth-watering, huh. I am so lucky to live in CALIFORNIA and to have fruit trees readily available.

July was also when we took an ALL FAMILY trip to Lake Tahoe. We stayed at Auntie DD's chalet in Meyers. I have been there a couple of times before and I gotta say - I love it so much. This was the first time in over 20 years that Mommy #2 and ALL of her SISTERS were in the same place at the same time. It was a pretty amazing week.

We took a lot of walks in the highly SCENTED mountain air. I almost hyperventilated from breathing so deeply.

Molly enjoyed a few walks but UNLIKE ME, she does not like to get her paws dirty so her walks were confined to POTTY walks.

My Mommys took a jaunt down to the shore of LAKE TAHOE for the sunset. It was pretty spectacular from where I was. Seeing the photos from lakeside made me wish I could have joined them. Next time, they assured me.


August was, like I said was cooler than normal. It was still warm during the day; but our famous FOG came back in to cool down the evenings and early mornings. The flowers were happier with the cooler weather and we had a lot of DAHLIAS and even a couple of Hydrangea blooms on the counter. 

Mommy #2 did a lot of JAM making with the peaches. They ripen faster than everybody could eat them and she didn't want them to go to waste. So she made several KINDS of white peach jam. She never let me taste the JAM but she did give me pieces of fruit.

 We had some down time now and them and Mommy spent them reading or crocheting. I "helped" by snoozing right by her side. I learned a lot through OSMOSIS.

One day we drove to Ptown where Auntie B lives. She was dog-sitting a yorkie named FANCY. I got along fine with Fancy and we even took a walk together AND picked APPLES.

I loves loves loves APPLES.

Fancy would not pose for the PHOTO. But believe me, she is cute.

 August was also the GREAT N. AMERICAN ECLIPSE of 2017. It went from WEST coast to EAST coast and everyone had some degree of darkness. We were not in the TOTALITY ZONE but we did have about 75-85% of the sun covered. It was really neat. I was outside with Mom to see it but she ushered me inside when I HAD TO LOOK in the direction she was looking. I didn't want to miss what she saw. The difference was she had special ECLIPSE GLASSES and I did not.

She took this cool shadow picture of the eclipse. All of her other attempts were for naught.


Thank you Auntie B for sharing your mom's home with us and helping us make such wonderful memories. It is a SUMMER I will never forget.


Julie said...

Wow Noodles you have packed so much funs in to this summer!
How wonderful to make every day count
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx
PeeS Chewy still managed to find you even when you were at Aunty B's place? I'm worried you might have missed out on their wonderful goodie boxes!

stellaroselong said...

Wow you had a super busy busy summer. And all that fruit, Stella Rose would have loved eating and eating and eating it. All we did was move, and become farmers. mags