Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Precious Kurgo. . . #chewyinfluencer

Mommy calls me her "Most Precious" . . . dog . . . kid. . . thing. . . I don't know what follows. She just says that much; kinda like "Come here my Most Precious." She is weird like that. She says her number one job it to keep me and Mommy #1 safe, well fed, and happy. It is a BIG job.

She says SAFE is the hardest of all three. And that is where this story begins.

Molly and I both have JULY
birthdays so we celebrate

Since July was my BIRTHDAY month, Mommy let me choose what I wanted from the Chewy.com newsletter. As I have previously stated, I chose TREATS. Mommy reserved VETO rights, though and said she wanted me to put a little more thought into my choice and she ELIMINATED treats from the list. Well, that didn't leave a lot to choose from but a couple kinds of FOOD and a harness. Well, my harness is as OLD as I am AND SO THIS is how I came to try and review the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness for walking and auto.

At first Mommy ordered the wrong size. She thought the SMALL was up-to 16 pounds and I am somewhere between 15-17 pounds, depending on how many peaches I have eaten (Hint: a lot lately). So she ordered the medium because she KNEW at my last vet visit I was 17 pounds. In two days time,  the harness arrived. It was BIG and heavy and Mommy was so unsure about it. But there are 5 points of adjustment on this harness so she figured once it was adjusted all would be well. So she set about tightening everything possible.

Padded chest plate adds to the comfort. It also
has a D-ring in front to attach the leash and
provide no-pull walkability
Still the MEDIUM but you can tell how
nice looking the harness is
See the various buckles? That is how you
customize the fit

Once she put the harness on me GUESS WHAT? It was still too big! You may not be able to tell here, but Mommy can put her whole hand under the straps and that means Noodles "Houdini" the Pug could easily escape this harness. At this point, Mommy did the UNTHINKABLE . . . she read the box and found this -

If you BIGIFY the chart you will see the MEDIUM size is for dogs OVER 25 pounds. No wonder the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness did not fit! It was WAY WAY WAY too big. So Mommy contacted Ms Natalie at Chewy.com and told her the tale of woe. . . or WHOA as I like to call it. Ms. Natalie immediately sent out the new SMALL harness and it arrived 2 days later.

It was much much smaller than the first so THIS time Mommy loosened all of the adjustment points as the box suggested. She then slipped it over my head and set about making the harness fit perfectly. As you can see, it really is a good fit. Mommy can only slide her fingers under the straps and best of all - I cannot slip out of the harness. Unlike all of the other car harnesses Mommy has tried and TAKEN BACK, this one can be adjusted at the neck. And as we all know, pugs have mediumISH size necks and chests on otherwise small bodies. It is not at all TIGHT. It fits snugly enough to prevent me from sliding my head out. Once I can do this, it is ALL OVER. I can wiggle out of anything once my head (Big head as Mommy says) is free. 

There is no point where this harness is unwieldy or uncomfortable and I honestly like to wear it.

This is the harness in action. It is slid onto the seat belt which
is then closed. The carabiner clips onto the ring at the top of
the harness

The question is - does it work? Short of getting in a crash to check out the "Crash Tested" part of the marketing claims, I would say yes, it does. I am safely buckled on the seat and I have enough mobility to lay down or look out of the window. I cannot jump down to the car floor which I have done before - almost hanging myself in the process. That was NOT a fun time.  If Mommy has to stop quickly, I also don't fly off the seat to the floor. I am so comfortable that I have stopped fussing at Mommy whenever we get in the car and go bye-bye. I used to. I used to whine my displeasure at not seeing out. . . at the movement. . . at pretty much the whole adventure until I got used to it (generally 10-15 minutes in). Now I DO NOT FUSS at all and Mommy says it MUST be the harness.

And walking while wearing the harness is a dream. I don't pull like some dogs (Molly) so I have no need for the front leash attachment. Mommy tried it and I was very confused. So she switched it back to the top ring and I was fine. I do my happy trot when I am wearing it because I love it so much.

While the harness is a little higher priced than many other harnesses out there, it is by far one of the best and most versatile harnesses as well. It has TWO functions - Auto Harness and Walking Harness - and it does both jobs equally well. So I am thinking it is CHEAPER than buying two harnesses to do the same job.

I have to say - I give the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart harness INFINITY PAWS UP because it is the best harness I have ever had. It is SMART looking, SMART fitting, and SMART safety-ing. I cannot think of a downside at all and I have tried. And tried. AND TRIED.

**I was given the above product by Chewy.com for the sole purpose of testing it out and offering an honest opinion of it. I have never been paid by Chewy.com nor the product-company and all opinions expressed in my blog belong to me.


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh that face!!!! The harness looks great. I think I need one
Edward (& Lily)

Julie said...

I finks your Mommy does a pawsome job Noodles and that harness is a case in point, stylish and practical in one! But please don't go testing it, that would not be a good idea
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Idaho PugRanch said...

Mom sure wishes I could have gotten one but we were too late. She just might have to buy me one cause you make it sound well worth it
Hazel too

Katie Dawn Wing said...

What an awesome harness! And I must say it looks fabulous on you!

Puppy Growls,