Friday, September 22, 2017

Sometimes It Is SO FUN to Be a DOG

I am a PUG. You will not often find me referring to myself as a DOG. Because, I am a PUG. I'm a little different, as any one RULED by a PUG will attest. 

But I am also, reluctantly, a CANINE and so I do enjoy some of the perks of being a D-O-G. Perks such as
  1. Orating at 4 am from the backyard fence
  2. Peeing outside and anywhere I choose
  3. Wandering around naked - although I do enjoy an occasional dress-up fete
  4. Enjoying little to no responsibility or repercussions because I'm "Just a dog"
Last weekend I got to INDULGE in another of those perks - a park festival especially for canines called Bark in the Park, San Jose. I gotta tell you - it was so much fun and I am really grateful to Cousin E and her BF J for taking me, Molly and BF J's pooch Tiny.

Tres Caballeros - Tiny, Molly, Noodles
It was a park FILLED with fun things to do and booths with neat-o freebies. There were also vendors with food to buy and pet-related wares for sale. So much to see and only 1 day to do it in.

Because it was a BIG venue and a kinda warm day, Molly and Me got to sit in Molly's stroller. I have a wagon but it is a little more unwieldy for Cousin E's car. I go with the flow - just as happy on the end of the leash as I am in a stroller. Note my new favorite harness - the Kurgo Safe Harness.

This BIG FRIENDLY pooch is the MASCOT of the festival. I liked him A LOT and sat a long time just chit chatting. Molly and Tiny did not  like him so much. I'm not supposed to show you, but here's a picture of Molly trying to get away from him.

See the panic in her eyes?

There were also ACTIVITIES for us other than shopping and eating. I attempted the obstacle course. Well, to be HONEST, I pretended to attempt the course. . . because

Hahahahah! See what I did there? I totally PLAYED the system.

There weren't A LOT of pugs there but I did meet one - If I remember correctly, her name is EMMA and she is older than me. I enjoyed sharing pug wisdom with her and we parted promising the meet again soon.

What is with all of these giant FAKE dogs?

Anyhooooo. It was super fun to spend mid-morning at Bark in the Park and I look forward to going to it again NEXT YEAR.

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Idaho PugRanch said...

Great job on the obstacle course Noodles - you worked it for sure
Hazel & Mabel