Tuesday, August 27, 2019

I've Got To Be Me . . .

I have GOT to be me, Noodles the Pug. This means I

  • SMELL like a dog. Molly doesn't. She smells like shampoo and soap and perfumey stuff. It's her natural smell, honestly! Me, I smell like a dog. Not a dirty dog or a wet dog (unless I happen to be either of those things). Just - like a dog AND I am okay with that.
  • Eat too FAST. This is a classic PUG trait and I am proud of my prowess. I can clean MY bowl in under 5 seconds and land-shark Molly's before the 10 second mark. I am THAT good. Why, do you ask? Well . . . because I am a PUG.
  • BELCH like a drunk. Rich smelly belches are my specialty. At one time, it was my food. Mommy discovered I cannot tolerate a lot of pea protein. So, once she took it out of my diet, my spontaneous belching stopped. But I can belch on command, and use it frequently to clear up personal space.
  • Have soft VELVETY ears. It is my spesh-ee-al-ity (any Neverending Story fans out there?)
  • Have LIQUIDY eyes that I completely exploit for my own benefit. Want an extra treat? Liqudy eyes. Do a No-No? Liquidy eyes. Don't want to pee in the RAIN? Liquidy eyes.
  • Can eat my weight and THEN SOME. It's a fact that I NEVER get to prove.
  • LOVE to Cuddle. All the time - as long as it is not hot.
  • Am so LUCKY to have NOT one BUT two of the best MOMMYs ever.

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