Friday, August 30, 2019

Yard Sales BECOME Me

STEP right up and get bargains galore at the twice decade-ly YARD sale at MY house. We have all kinds of goodies to delight one and all - and everything is priced to SELL.

I'll be there happy to help and looking CUTE. I have done this kind of thing before - when I was younger. Mommy set up my pen in the shade near her and we waited, we snacked, we chatted - until a customer came by. Then we made our pitch and hopefully made the sale. I can't recall exactly. It was not an overly successful yard sale that time. It was too late in the season. Everything was hauled off the charity at the end of the day - something Mommy does not like to do if she can help it.

Like my hat in this PHOTO? How much is it? Hehhehheh - IT'S PRICELESS as it was a gift from my Bestest FURiend who I've yet to meet, Princess Leah. I would never sell it under any circumstances. BUT - I do have a nice variety of toys going for PENNIES, I tell ya. PENNIES. Get here EARLY for the best selection.

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Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

While we would like tot help you out, we don't need more things that go on our heads . . .