Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Musical Beds

This is LULU changing beds - again. It is constant movement with her. I think it is because there are so many choices here whereas at home she has only one bed. AND most of the time at home, she is on her Mommy's lap.

But my Mommy is usually in her office working during the day and I sit right under her chair AND as close to her feet as possible. It makes me happy. Molly often sits by the front door so she can BARK at the MAIL person. If she decides to sit in one of the office beds, she will pick what ever bed I am in and force me out. On occasion we occupy the same bed - if I am feeling particularly peckish and won't move on. You see, it really does not matter to me because I always have my Mommy's feet to sit near (and sometimes, on).

So Lulu will venture from bed to bed to bed, just to explore the different perspectives, I suppose. Or maybe she is like Goldilocks - this one is too soft. . . this one is too hard. . . this one. . .

If it makes her happy, then I am all for it. I want my GUESTS to feel right at home and THAT is why I have no problem sharing my things. . . even my food, kinda, sorta. Hmmmm. I guess I really DO have a problem with that BUT I have no choice. So . . .

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