Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Wait! Enter A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME Side Contest NOW!

Okay, So WHAT are you waiting for? Our contestant numbers are SORELY lagging and I NEED you to jump in and take a chance. Any pet can enter as long as he/she/it has a BLOG. You don't HAVE to be enrolled in Mango Minster 2011 to play the GAME.
It is so FUN and EASY PEASY I am gonna do ANOTHER one right HERE on the SPOT!

N - Noodles is NOTHING if NOT NICE
O - She OOZES love, not ONEROUS ice
O - And on OCCASION, she ONLY snaps
D - At DOGGIES who DARE to DIVE on her laps
L - She really LOVES to share her LOOFA chewy
E - And EVEN shares with her EVIL cousin Louie
S - SEE, Noodles may be an ENIGMATIC Diva Darling
      But she still loves her family intertwining

SO GET CREATING! There is no right or wrong just FUN!
Check out the sidebar for entries we have received. They are INSPIRATIONAL!


Frankie Furter said...

I pre posted my blog fur tomorrow and I put your link up again.
I just had an email from my Cussin SARGE.. He plans to get entered on Saturday!!!

I know that these thingys sometimes start slow... and then go like Squirrel Busters. OK??

Noodles said...

Thanks for making me feel better, Frankie. DIVAs don't like rejection - even imagined!
Love Noodles