Monday, May 16, 2016

Crazy for Our Delivery Guy

We always greet our delivery guy with a very loud HELLO. Molly is usually the first to hear him coming and sounds the alarm. Then I chime in with my PUG BARK and we both head for the front door. By this time, Mommy is asking us politely to BE QUIET and to BACK-UP.

This routine is repeated A LOT at this house, thanks to

This month we ACTUALLY got a peak at the DELIVERY GUY and were able to say our hellos ALMOST face to face. Mommy was able to get us behind the little gate before she opened the door. There was the DELIVERY GUY with a package for us. We said HELLO and he smiled and said HELLO back at us. We thought that was super cool so we said HELLO even louder.

Then he left. But not before he handed the box from CHEWY.COM over to us. Wasn't that sweet?

Inside of the box was all kinds of delicious goodness - one for Molly and Me and one for Sunshine the Cat. I think this is so special that allows us to review both dog and cat FOOD/TREATS/TOYS/etc.

Molly and I chose Natural Balance L.I.D. Wet Dog Food Tubs because we like the idea of limited ingredients and HIGH PROTEIN.

Sunshine the Cat chose Now Fresh Grain Free Cat Food because it is formulated specifically for senior CATS. She is 13 now and this is a consideration.

We got our first taste of these fabulous foods the SAME EVENING as the package arrival. THAT is why we go crazy for the DELIVERY GUY. We know that we are in for some good eats when he arrives.

We will review these foods tomorrow and Wednesday. I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to say.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD and OMC Noodles and Molly and Sunshine...... Our monthly chance to Review and tell our furends about different Foodables and Toys is just Fabulous. Isn't It? SAVES us so much $$$ on thingys that we would NOT want. OUR FURENDS always tell it LIKE IT IS... and we KNOW we can TRUST what they say... not like Commercials on the TV.. which has is often full of FAKE words... We now we will hear the TRUTH ... the WHOLE TRUTH and only BUTT the TRUTH from our Furends.

Adi said...

Of course you three are well behaved! Senior kitties in particular. :)
Thank you for giving these wonderful reviews; my little kitten companion Dracüla actually loves plenty of fruits and veggies (that are cat friendly, of course!)


Julie said...

Er Noodles, could you do me a favour next time you are saying "Hello" to the delivery man, could you ask him to deliver a box of those amazing Chewy yummies over here, pleeeeeease
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Murphy said...

We like our delivery guy too and bark at him to let him know.

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

LBJ said...

Packages are SUCH fun. One came today but it was just some smelly girly bath stuff for Mom. She was pretty excited about them. I do NOT see her obsessions with the baths. I do NOT like them at all.

Abby Lab

Hilary said...

you guys are lucky to have such a friendly delivery guy who brings the best stuff~

Two French Bulldogs said...

We all get nutty when we see that box
Lily & Edward

Pug Slope said...

It's no wonder you adore your delivery person. When they knock on the door and appear loaded up to the eyes with Mr. Chewy boxes, what's not to like? :)