Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just Call Me Fluffy

Can you see how Fluffy I am?

Two days ago Mommy said "Noodles you smell like pee." I looked at her like she was outta her human mind because (1) I am way past pee-episodes and (2) I smelled like a regular dog to me. I sniffed the AIR around me just to make sure. But she was busy so it was quickly forgotten.

Later that night I caught Mommy sniffing the Air around ME! "Noodles," she said while wrinkling her nose like a rabbit, "You smell YEASTY, like bread RISING." I do? I said back at her. . . and you know, I think she was kinda right this time cuz my tummy had been grumbling and singing about being HUNGRY. And I had just eaten. And I had been thinking of asking for some nice freshly baked bread. . . "Well this can't be a good thing," she said. "I'll make sure to give you a bath in the morning and see of we can stop what ever is brewing in those 3 layers of fur."

Fast forward to the next day (yesterday) and Mommy is stuck at her computer working until NEARLY DINNER time. I didn't dare look her in the eye for fear of triggering a BATH memory. I just was not in the mood, you know.

Well after dinner guess what? She remembered and called me to follow her upstairs to the BATH. I did it because I am a good puggy. Then she starts the water running and drops the shower head down to pug-LEVEL. We have one of those flexible showers that can be a head or hand shower. For cleaning PUGs, especially during a drought, it is prime. No need to fill a tub of water.

She thoroughly WETTED me with the nice warm water and then turned the water off. I thought I was done and started to do my GOOD DOGGY thing and climb out. "No you don't, little girl," Mommy said. "you still need soap." So she soaped me. . .  soaped me good. . . soaped me thoroughly and completely until every NOOK and CRANNY was dripping with thick white suds. Then she turned the water back on and rinsed me off until the water not only STOPPED looking black with dirt, but also stopped showing suds. And then she rinsed me once more.

Then she stopped the water again and told me to shake (she closed the shower door on me). FINALLY she let me jump out into the big fluffy towel she had waiting. She did what she could - at best she got the DRIPPING to stop. Then she SET LOOSE THE BEAST - me. I ran like a crazy PUG throughout the house upstairs and downstairs.

Sometime later I was dry but when I looked in the mirror to inspect my shiny COAT, I noticed something else. I was FLUFFY. Like. . .  Molly fluffy without the curl! I am thinking perhaps Mommy should have added CONDITIONER to the rinse?

Hopefully the wild fur is NOT here to stay. Until then, just call me FLUFFY.


Anonymous said...

So nice to be clean and soft! We are on the schedule for a bath in the next day or two. It must be something about the Spring. When we run around like crazy dogs mum calls it PUGNUTS. So...happy pugnuts to you!

Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Idaho PugRanch said...

Nothing like a bath to fluff you up!
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Now no more baths for a long time

Julie said...

Dear Noodles you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Pug Slope said...

Now THAT'S fluffy! I wish my dad didn't see this post though because he was just reminded that I'm due for a bath as well. Uh oh.