Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Food and Non-Food and Earth Awareness

I am very into the EARTH. I live here and I EAT here. I want EARTH to be around for a long long time. I also want to be here and healthy for a long long time. There is a video circulating on Facebook and YouTube featuring Woody Harrelson - the actor. In this video (you can watch it below), he speaks of the importance of supporting companies who are ethical and of the importance of eating GOOD FOOD as opposed to the NON-FOOD sold as cheaper, fast food.

As you know, I am a HUGE advocate of food. Yes, I am fortunate that my Mommys feed me really good stuff which is not only HEALTHY for me but is also tasty. They study the ingredients to make sure I am eating real food and not additives. They check out the companies that make the foods I eat to make sure they are aware of their affect on the EARTH and change their ways accordingly.

It isn't easy or CHEAP to follow this path. But look at the consequences of NOT following this path -

  1. Malnutrition - this can take on many different appearances from the emaciated starved to the overall fine but not necessarily healthy
  2. High Health Costs - a result of eating non-foods or having poor quality foods
  3. Water/Air/Soil Pollution - as a result of unethical manufacturing processes many waterways are too polluted to sustain wildlife. Air quality in major manufacturing areas is poor to dangerous. And poor crop management is creating large areas of mineral-depleted soil making food production impossible
And these are just some of the problems.

But the truth is, I am a PUG (some call us dogs) and I am more concerned about the food I eat than any of the above conditions. So I want to tell you, PAY ATTENTION to what you are putting in your body. If the food is filled with grains, byproducts, additives and preservatives, it isn't doing your health a lot of good. And look at it this way. . . To achieve a reasonable level of nutrition from the cheaper non-foods, one has to eat an overwhelming larger portion per meal. The result is not only toxic overload from all of the added chemicals, but also obesity. Take it from a pug whose whole life is one of WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - the long range cost in vet bills and pet health is not worth the few bucks you saved in buying cheap kibble. The end cost is a lot higher than you think. High enough to make that $9.99/16 lb kibble (which you need to eat triple portions of just to fill satisfied) much less of a bargain than the food-rich $35/12 lb kibble.

I have also noticed that the companies that produce the food-rich high quality kibble are the very same companies that are most EARTH conscientious and friendly. So it is a win-win. Healthier pet, healthier Earth. Healthier everything.

So do as Woody says and stop supporting those companies that offer this cheaper substitute that in the long run is costing us all in QUALITY of LIFE.


Two French Bulldogs said...

The earth is a delicate place we need to take care of. I eat dirt but mom said no eating earth
Love & Peas,
Lily & Edward

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We think we should take as good care of our EARTH... as we do OURSELVES... and we should take Excellent care of ourselves... GOOD FOODABLES are better fur EVERYTHINGY.... WE totally agree on ALL of this Noodles. Isn't that GRRRREAT?

LBJ said...

Other than the occassional bag of Pirates booty puffed corn, Mom and Dad eat real food, lots of fruits and veggies and what grains they eat are small batch from small organic farmers for the most part. No factory farm meat either! They feed me the same way, so I'm healthy for a long time. That's a good message.

Julie said...

Dear Noodles, you ARE a very wise girlie and I totally agree, look after the world we lives in AND look after ourselves wiv the BESTEST foodables, yum, yum!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Pug Slope said...

Hi Noodles! I do my best to eat healthy snacks (e.g. baby carrots!) as they are better for you in the long run - and also since they are healthier I can have MORE of them! Win win!