Monday, February 20, 2017

Love and What it Means in MY House - #NationalLoveYourPetDay

I am always open to suggestions about what to write on this BLOG. As clever as I am, writing a blog 5 days a week can sometimes stretch the imagination and creativity to its limits. Last week sometime contacted me with a blog idea. is a company concerned with home security, is very very into PET SAFETY. The company wanted to know what my HUMOM does to keep me and Molly and Sunshine the Cat and Jade the Parakeet save and happy.So Mommy #2 asked for my help and this is what we came up with. . . because, you know, SAFETY is part of LOVE.

I didn't want to just list the things that keep me safe so I decided to take you on a TOUR of our SAFETY steps.

Look how cozy this pen is . . .and the "flags" are bandanas we
got from different dog expositions and fairs
1. The primary way Molly and I are kept safe is to confine us when the HUMANS leave the house. We are never allowed to wander the house unless a family member is present. This keeps us (Molly) from exploring the trash can and recycle bag in the kitchen, climbing up on chairs or couch backs which we may fall from and get hurt, opening cabinets and getting into whatever is stored inside (which may sometimes not be so good for a pet). We use a pen and neither one of us is big enough to jump out of it. If we were, like Daisy who visited over Christmas,we would be crated. I think most dogs like the security of a small space when they are alone - I KNOW I DO.

2. We keep no poisons in the cabinet under the sink or in the bathrooms. This habit began with the HUMAN kids and continues. There is no real reason to keep drain cleaner and such under a sink. What is under our sinks are dishwashing soap, plant food and vases. Pretty tame stuff and safe for pets. Even sponges are kept out in the garage and up high. Both Molly and I are out of the puppy stage but when we were smaller - everything was a chew toy.

3. Plants they might be poisonous to pets are kept up on a shelf and not on the floor or table. We try not to have them around the house anyhow but who doesn't like poinsettias at Christmas?

These are some of the houseplants we have. The poinsettia has long gone to the garbage (it would have gone to the yard but "someone" not a dog forgot to water it.

4. Stairs are blocked off with kiddie or doggy gate. Right now it is a doggy gate since the kids are all 10 years and older. Before it was a kiddie gate. Again minimizing the danger is MY MOMMY'S favorite course of action with kids and dogs. Our stairs are steep and can be dangerous if a kid or pet trips on them or tumbles down them (it has happened despite the precaution).

5. Pet food and treats are up high and not on any cabinet that can be moved. One of us (Molly) is clever (?) enough to jump on a cabinet until something falls down. That creates a huge hazard not just from the falling object but also from the spilled food. I admit I will eat spilled food until I fall into a coma without realizing the danger of eating that much. Best to leave all temptation in an inaccessible (for the dogs) place.

6. Outside our fences are frequently checked for holes or small gaps. Neither Molly nor I are overly adventurous but why
This is what happens after
a rain - weeds immediately
grow! Mushrooms, too.
chance it? Sometimes we dog sit for friends and so have to be cautious for their well being as well. We do not have poisonous plants outside either. On warm days following a lot of rain, Mommy #2 checks for mushrooms and removes them all. It just takes a small bite to kill a dog. And pugs will sample anything. We have had a couple of dog FURIENDS who died from eating wild mushrooms and it freaks me out. So Mommy and I try to be very proactive with that.

 7. The front door is usually not opened unless we are confined. Even we little homebodies will sometimes get excited and dash from the house.

8. TREATS. A major concern. We get small instantly consumable treats when we are left alone. This is just to reward us for staying in the pen. We never get chewies or dental treats which take a long time to chew unless we are supervised. And we are not allowed to chew hours on end - one hour at most and then the chewy is taken away. We are not allowed to have rawhide - as small dogs our systems cannot handle it. And I, Noodles the Pug, has been banned from bully sticks because I like to soften them and swallow as much as possible. When Mommy had to pull a 4 inch strip from my throat to stop me from choking, She said that was it. Banned. 

9. Toys are inspected regularly for tears, small pieces coming off, squeakers exposed. . . etc. WHO  can afford an emergency vet visit to remove a blockage?
I got a brand new SOCK
MONKEY for Valentines Day

10. Training - Mommy spent a lot of time and strained her voice over and over to get ME to stop chewing on branches and wood. Same reason as above. I enjoy it but the hazard is not worth the small amount of pleasure from chewing a stick. I never even think of chewing a stick anymore. And making me sit when the door opens . . .  and teaching me to "drop" on command whatever is in my mouth in case it is dangerous. . . and so on. Training has saved my curly tail more than once.

The TOUR ends here. This is just some of the things our Mommys do to keep us SAFE and make us feel LOVED. I know they do a lot more. It is so important that we all - pet and human alike - stay aware of danger and do our best to AVOID it or ELIMINATE it altogether,

Happy National Love Your Pet Day


Julie said...

Can we have a National Luffs your FurFriends Day as well? Luffs you Noodles
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Your Peeps DO take Exceptional care of you... you are truly SAFE and that is a Sign of LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are all great ways to keep safe. You are lucky, lucky dogs to have peeps who care for you so well. Thanks for sharing!

Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Two French Bulldogs said...

We know you guys are loved more than anything
Lily & Edward

Southern Fried Pugs said...

What great tips! Hoping your part of the world dries out a little bit soon. The pictures are scary.