Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What to DO On a Rainy Day

I don't know about you, but rainy days flummox me. What is the proper amount of activity? Am I supposed to go outside and get wet - and when I do, what's all the fuss? Sometimes it is rainy and cold . . . and sometimes it is rainy mild. . . sometimes it is very dark . . . sometimes it is occasionally sunny. I just cannot get a handle on it.

One of my favorite rainy day activities is sitting on my Mommy's lap when she is reading. She doesn't do this a lot although she does try. She gets a cup of tea or coffee, finds a nice comfortable chair (usually by the window), and then . . . something always comes up. Always.

What kind of books do Mommy and I read? Ah, that is a difficult question to answer. Mommy (and me as well) like a nice variety of fiction and non-fiction. She has Ron Chernow's Hamilton on her kindle right now. She loves fantasy (The Hobbit), sci-fi (anything Ursula LeGuin), and historical fiction (Outlander series). Sometimes she reads chicklit like Debbie Macomber.

Right now she is reading the third novel by Feeling Beachie blogger, Hilary Grossman - Plan Cee. It is not yet out - she is lucky enough to be in the test group for the book. She will review it on Amazon once she finishes it and the book is released.

Hillary's first two books - Dangled Carat and Plan Bee were very enjoyable. This kind of book is not something my Mommy reads regularly and she tends to be quite critical of them. But she really enjoyed the first two books because the characters were relatable and not soppy silly women. She likes strong take action women heros like Claire in Outlander. If you are looking for a good read, check them out on Amazon.com.


Christmas said...

My pawsonal favorite book is "How to convince your humans to give you more treats", BOL!

Hilary said...

I hope you are enjoying!!!!

Julie said...

Outlander is responsible fur my Mum spending her weekends in her sewing room…watching it on TeeVees, I wish she'd read the books and snuggle up like your Mommy!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

We don't like rainy days but looks like you stay busy
Lily & Edward