Monday, March 12, 2018

Auntie B's Birthday By The Beach

It was overly warm and very sunny when MY Mommys decided to treat Auntie B to a beach weekend for her BIG Birthday. It was a perfect idea because like Mommy, Auntie B lives for the beach. They rented a place from Mommy #1's friend's family which is south of Santa Cruz and very close to the beach. Then they cleared their calendars and all was GOOD TO GO.

This is the house - adorable

The only BUMMER was "No Dogs Allowed." Mommy asked if that included PUGS and the owners said yes. That is unfortunate but sometimes these things happen. Mommys were just as sad as me.

The weather decided to CHANGE a lot this month, though and instead of warm sunny weather, the Weather Guy predicted cooler temps and rain through the weekend. That was a bummer but was not really a deterrent to Mommys and Auntie B. After all, a rainy day at the beach is STILL a day at the beach.

So the BIG WEEKEND arrived (this past weekend) and Mommy's car was packed up with food and gear and off they went. I was so sad. This is where I stood most of the weekend - outside Mommy's door. I was hoping she would magically reappear when the door opened. I was wrong.

Mommy? Are you in there?

When Mommys and Auntie B arrived on the coast, it was overcast and cool but not too bad. They unpacked the car and decided to go down to the beach for a walk. Which they did and Mommy said it was a nice walk. About 30 mins in, though, it started to sprinkle and then lightly rain. It wasn't bad and if they'd taken umbrellas they might have kept walking, but they didn't. So after taking lotsa photos, they headed back to the house for hot chocolate and the movie "Coco".

Gray but not ominous. A Soulful Day

The skies sorta cleared around SUNSET so they all headed out to the beach again to catch the sunset. There was an awesome rainbow to the south which Mommy tried to capture on her iPhone camera. It did not come out so good. But she did manage to capture some nice sunset photos - she said it was an inspiring sight.

My Mommys

This is just WOW

The next day was completely DIFFERENT from the day before. Mommy said it dawned clear and bright and by the time they headed to the beach, it was shorts and flip flop temperatures. Neither of which they took.

They spent a long time at the beach (Mommy #1 went to UCSC to visit a friend) and then went back to the house and packed up. They reluctantly left the house as they loved staying there sosososososo much.

Then they drove to Natural Bridges park a little north of downtown Santa Cruz. The bridges fell down a while ago but the coastline vistas are still among the most incredible in the world.

Finally Mommy #2 and Auntie B picked up Mommy #1 from UCSC and they headed back over the hill to home.

I was so HAPPY to see Mommy (Mommy #1 was dropped off at university)! I did not jump up and down like Molly, though. But I did stick to Mommy like the velcro pug I am. I am so glad she is back to cuddle with, sit with, snuggle with, and just BE WITH.

Happy Birthday Auntie B - my present to you was a weekend with MY MOMMYS.


Idaho PugRanch said...

Too bad you did not get to go Noodles. Don't these people know that a pug is not a dog?!
Hazel & Mabel

Casey said...

I can't believe they were so species-ist! You would've had a grreat time. Oh well, at least your Auntie had a good barkday!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

It is the perfect way to spend any day. Lady is a beach lover too. The Man prefers trees.