Monday, March 26, 2018

It was pretty chilly here in SILICON VALLEY over the weekend. In fact, it was rainy all day Saturday and on Sunday morning, there was some snow on the higher peaks (Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Umunhum), and patches scattered in the ring of mountains that make our valley. Not on our foothills, though, which is where I live. We had rain. We had cold. BUT we did NOT have SNOW.

It was a good weekend for staying in BUT we did not. There was a lot going on in and around the city: the March for Our Lives; the San Jose Sharks hockey game; the As vs Giants preseason game; and a carnival at my Cousin C's school. And rain or shine, they all HAPPENED. It was pretty cool to have a lot of options.

And on Sunday, the SUN made an appearance. It was such a welcome sight. It was not warm - not by any stretch - but it is amazing how much happier everypuggy seems when the sun comes out.

Spring finally makes herself known this week as there are no storms on the near horizon for us. A fitting way to celebrate Easter which celebrates the promise of Spring and the hope of new beginnings.

How do you celebrate Easter and Spring?

I'm going to the snow - go figure.

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Idaho PugRanch said...

We have had sun the last two days but yesterday it did not make it out of the 30's or barely. But supposed to be 60 on Friday!!!!!!!
Hazel & Mabel