Tuesday, March 27, 2018

You Scream. . . I Scream . . ,

Can you hear it?

If you have ever heard a PUG SCREAM, then you know how terrifying they can be. How can that alarmingly disturbing sound come out of that little compact body? Ahhhhh. Well I'm gonna let you in on a little secret - I totally USE the scream to get what I want and FAST! I mean, who can resist "helping" a creature seemingly in distress?

I used THE SCREAM quite recently, as a matter of fact, to totally get something I have been wanting a lot


And lo and behold, Cousin E came home with some FOR ME and Molly!!!

Oh Please, Oh Please!

Here's what happened. Cousin E and her Bf J were eating ice cream and I was begging. They did not give in to my amazing cuteness so I had to up the ANTE just a bit. Enter the SCREAM. I stationed myself close and was very visible. Then I circled my back foot like it hurt. AND then I let it RIP - the biggest scariest PUG SCREAM I have ever done.


Cousin E looked at me, alarmed.

Bf J looked at me, terrified.

Mommy came into the kitchen to see what was going on. I acted all hurt.

Then Cousin E and Bf J left the house and when they returned, they had a bag from a PUPPY BOUTIQUE and inside was some DOGGY ICE CREAM.

Molly totally ate WITHOUT PERMISSION and got away with it. I sat there, patiently . . . waiting for the command. . .

Finally I could stand it NO MORE! I let loose another

Before you can say "Okay Noodles" I got the go-ahead and I attacked my bowl.

And suddenly the world was . . . BRAIN FREEZE!!!!!

What in tarnation just HAPPENED to me?

Omigosh - I cannot control the PAIN and the DROOLING!!

But it was OH SO WORTH IT!!!

So just remember


I borrowed this from YOUTUBE. This pug sounds just like ME

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