Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday's News From the Water Cooler

Happy Friday Peeps and Pups. It is I, Noodles the Pug, with the happenings from my CORNER of the World.

1. No - I still have not found my FOOTHILLS. Mommy says they are just hiding behind a shroud of smoke. I am hoping she is right. This is the worst it has ever been. I mean, we often have smoke nestle in our VALLEY from wildfires elsewhere in NORCAL; but this is by far the longest and the worst I can ever remember. It is because of an accompanying OZONE INVERSION LAYER which is keeping air more or less stagnant. We have breezes but nothing strong enough to move the smoke. What we NEED is a return of our MARINE layer which makes our temperatures so famously mild. I heard a rumor that it will return next week. Hopefully my FOOTHILLS will return then as well.

2. My little (?) cousin is all set to start school next week. In fact, most of the schools in our area are returning as well. That means EVERYPUGGY driving a car or truck needs to put on their AWARENESS CAPS and be extra vigilant on the streets. There will be A LOT of little ones out and about in mornings and afternoons. Our street gets especially busy when school is in session because it is a main artery to TWO schools. All of the drop off and pick up traffic goes right by our house. We have to time our trip exactly so we have a SHOT at getting out of the driveway on time.

3. Mommy #2 and Aunt B have MILESTONE birthdays next week. They are twins, you know, and sometimes it is HARD to tell who is WHO. Even me in all my exaulted deducing will confuse their voices. That is the REAL REASON why I never come when first called. I wait and wait and wait until I KNOW who is calling.

I think we are planning BIRTHDAY CAKE for them. I know I am counting on it. Since it is during the week I don't think they will do much more than cake and presents. BUT I will be waking MOMMY #2 up with lots of kisses and snuggles for her big day. She appreciates my attention to details, I know.

4. Even though "Summertime" is ending because school is back in session, the hottest days of the years are still ahead. Our summer weather pattern lasts until well into September, and often October. This is the time of year Mommy does a lot of canning of fruits she buys or is gifted. I love love love when Mommy makes jams and jellies because I get to HELP her with the fruit. How, you ask? Well I sit very close so when a piece is not quite jammable but it otherwise fine, I can help DISPOSE of it. I am more than happy to do so. Mommy has her thinking cap on for unusual flavor combinations - some of her faves from last year were Apricot Habanero, Fig Lemon, and Peach Chardonnay.

That's about it for the week. A lot was accomplished this week (2 reviews, one flea post, and Mommy made yogurt that I can totally eat) with a lot more coming up. We've got a packed weekend which I am sure will include a few NAPS.

TGIF and have great ADVENTURES this weekend.

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Matilda the Boxer said...

Momma just bought some yummy cinnamon peach jam from the farmer's market!