Monday, January 7, 2019

Drying out

Howdy Everypuggy
It has been storming and raining and blowing here for the last 2 days. TWO WHOLE DAYS! It was so bad even I refused to go outside to potty! I eventually did because I got sorta desperate. . . but I sure did not want to. I came back in and was wetter than if I had taken a BATH!

This is what Mommy chose to do on the rainy and windy Saturday morning - make persimmon jam. I actually don't like it when she makes jam because I don't get any of it! Well, depends on what she is brewing. Some FRUIT she will share with me. Not persimmon, though. She worked so hard at this task and denied me cuddle time.

So I gave her the cold shoulder when she FINALLY sat down with me. I need to set the guidelines, you know, or she will totally take advantage of my tendency to CUDDLE.

Today, Monday, it rained early and right now is drying out. It is still cold and damp, though. After so many years of drought and then bad wildfires, I will take all the rain the skies can dish out. Well, short of flooding. That isn't fun either.

We are supposed to get rain pretty much all week. It's a good way to begin the new year.


Matilda the Boxer said...

Ugh, I HATE when it just rains and rains like that! I have a raincoat to wear during walks, and there's part of the roof that overhangs a little strip of the yard so I don't get rained on, but the grass is WET and I hate walking on it!

Frank The Tank said...

I hate, hate, hate, hate the rain - I really like the snow but I can not stand being getting rain on my furs, I have a coat for the snow and a HIGH VISIBILITY coat for the dark night walks but no matter what I wear it never keeps my dry in the rain! I hope that the sun comes out soon for you and that you do eventually dry out! lots of love from Frank and baby brother Maxie moo Xxxxxxxx

Caren Gittleman said...

I think your rain has moved our way :)

Idaho PugRanch said...

NOt of fan of rain either but guess it is necessary. We handle snow better than rain
Hazel & Mabel