Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Aloha My Curly Pug Tail!

Have you noticed I have been MISSING in action for a couple of weeks? I have a very WEAK explanation for that - my THUMBS were on VACATION in Hawaii. Yes, you heard me, Hawaii. WITHOUT me. I am a little peeved about that because I thought I would be going and then I was told I was not. I was so looking forward to some MAI TAIS on the beach.

I was not ALONE at all. Molly, Sunshine and I were together and LULU and her family stayed here to mind us and the house. That was kinda cool. We had a 4 year old HUMAN to entertain us and Molly and Lulu were nearly inseparable. But I did miss my Mommys A LOT and looked for then every day and every night.

Mommy send some photos to us showing us all the FUN they were having without us. Here is a sample

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