Friday, May 10, 2019

NOT Gonna Be Home ALONE!!!!

"HOME all alone while everyone else is traveling? Hahahahahhahahaha - what were you thinking?" Mommy Hamilton

Honestly, I thought I was gonna be left to fend for myself and I was just a little upset. So I sassed Mommy and ignored her a little. But she kept getting in my face and asking what was wrong. So finally, I blurted out that I was upset she was leaving me home alone (well, with Sunshine, Molly and Jade) while she traipses off to a wedding! I mean . . . harrrrumph!

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Yeah, Mommy thought THAT was hilarious. She said something to the effect of

AS IF!!!!

It turns out my salvation is my Aunt T's friend C's sister S who so happens to be

That's right - Lulu's mom, is gonna be HOUSE AND PET sitting HERE!!! And Lulu is gonna be here too. I am so excited. You know how much we love having Lulu as a guest here. She is almost like a COUSIN. So I am not mad any more. The casa is gonna be hopping with DOG ENERGY and regular meals.

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