Friday, July 13, 2018

Can Four Pups From Three Families GET ALONG?

She's HERE!!!! Lulu in da house folks! I am so happy to see her again. She is a super pup and a lot of fun (still has that puppy energy since she is 2 years and 3/4). Adding her to the household means that for THIS WEEK we have FOUR pups en casa. That is a lot of canine energy. And when the construction crew comes along, this big huge monster puppy named Baloo ALSO comes. He is the sweetest giant ever and next week I promise to get a photo of him. I MAY even interact with him. Who knows. I'm chill like that. My point is, there will then be FIVE pups en casa. This is getting fun.
You can't tell from this photo because it was taken a couple of days ago, but we are ALL getting along very very well. Moose has met Lulu before and got along with her. He apparently has a grrrrreat memory because he is super fine with her near him.

We still have SUNSHINE the CAT who you will not see in very many pictures this week. She chooses to HIDE when there is this much canine energy in the house. Plus, Lulu does not really understand kitties and BARKS up a storm when she sees Sunshine. Mind you, Sunshine is not scared AT ALL of Lulu. She just has no time for the shenanigans.

Jade the Bird is fine since the added pups mean nothing to a bird in a cage. Outta the cage would be a whole different story.

This weekend will be a hot one but Mommy is thinking perhaps an early morning excursion to the DOG PARK might help release some of the energy. We will see if that happens. It might.

Til then, PEACE OUT peeps 'n' pups (and Kit-tehs, birdies, etc).


Anonymous said...

What great fun! And great pictures too. You all look so happy.

Mom to Angels Daisy and Scooter Pugman

Direktur Sukses said...

keren gan artikelnya.
makasih ya..

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