Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Could Be Wordless Wednesday IF I Could Be Wordless - this is NOT A REVIEW #Chewyinfluencer

I am so lucky. I have a lot of BLOGVILLE FURiends. I have a lot of Facebook and Twitter FURiends. I have even more REAL LIFE FURiends. AND, I am a FAN, Customer and Influencer and they are the BEST to me. They always deliver my goodies RIGHT AWAY and ON TIME. I love them

AND they make me feel SO LOVED back. I am a LUCKY PUGGY.

The other day Mr Fex Ex came by and dropped off a CHEWY.COM package. I was not expecting anything because ALL of my expected packages had arrived. BUT here is was, addressed to Mommy, like always - 

So Mommy went HMMMMMM. . . and I went Hmmmmmm. . . WHAT could it be?

This is what it was - a Summer Time themed goodie box filled with Toy, Shades, a COOL BOWL and the most surprising of all - a hammock! We didn't immediately have anyplace to hang it so Cousin C held it up in the middle while the two ends were fastened to the stair rail and the hall tree. I am sooooooooooooo excited, though, because I cannot wait to try it. Maybe at the BEACH! Somehow? Well, I'm gonna work on that idea.

Isn't this the COOLEST????? I am so gonna play with that rope toy RIGHT NOW! Later Peeps and Pups.

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World of Animals said...

Looks like you received a great package full of great stuff. We can't wait to see you hanging out on your hammock. You will be all set with your shades on and relaxing at the beach. Have fun with your rope and have mom play a little tug of war with you. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.
World of Animals