Monday, July 9, 2018

No Middle of the Day Walks For a While

Yesterday was a lovely morning. There was a lot of sun and warmth BUT there was a cooling breeze as well. So Mommy decided she NEEDED a walk and we should JOIN her. So she gathered all 3 of us and put our harnesses and leashes on. Then she ventured out the door for a walk with 3 pups.

It was going pretty well - although MOMMY got a little short tempered with me because I was stopping every 3 feet to smell the - NOT ROSES. She said she could hardly get a stride going as I was stopping so often. So I stopped catching up on neighborhood peemail and walked.

It was going pretty well with Molly and Moose leading the way and me hanging back in Mommy's shadow. It was getting warmer and warmer as we walked and although Mommy had a BREEZE, it was NOT making its way to me.

We turned the corner and before I knew it, there was a SHADED spot. I BEE-LINED for it and plopped down. I was just too warm to continue. I had to COOL MA BELLY, in a word. So we stayed there until I was breathing a little more casually and less urgently. We were only two cul-de-sacs from home so I tried to make it the rest of the way. It was too hot and finally Mommy gave me a lift. I think I am destined for early morning or late evenings until the weather cools off in October.


Anonymous said...

Poor girl! Enjoy your morning walks! From Juni and Emmie

Idaho PugRanch said...

The hot weather is making it hard to do much but in the morning here too
Hazel & Mabel