Thursday, July 12, 2018

End of Day Post is Better Than None

Have you ever seen such a perfect pout?

Somepuggy, who shall remain nameless (Mommy #2), decided she was TOO BUSY to help with my BLOG today. As if! Doesn't she know it is A-NUMBER ONE-MOST important thing on her daily PLATE? The world simply does not turn without a daily A Bowl of Noodles.

Am I Right?

So aside from THAT drama, life was a little more casual today at Casa de Noodles. The construction guys putting in the new floor and stuff did not come so Moose was not freaked out and Molly was not barking non-stop. Me? I'm chill. Gimme an ear skritch or two and I am golden.

So this is the view of Mommy's office today

Isn't that hilarious? We each have to be near the office and Mommy even though there are two OTHER beds on the other side of the room. And Mommy is oblivious because she is working away. So there you go.

Moose is chill now. He trots outside with us to do our bidness, tail wagging. We will see what happens tomorrow when THIS goes down

YES! Lulu is joining the menagerie for a week beginning tomorrow. This is gonna be FUN.

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Anonymous said...

Noodles has a happy spirit!