Friday, July 6, 2018

One Last BIRTHDAY Post and Then I'll . . .

Yesterday was the day AFTER my 9th birthday but that didn't mean the FUN ended. Nope. The FedEx guy made sure of that. He delivered THREE boxes to me. One was JUST FOR ME and I had NOT even ordered it. It was a complete surprise.

So Mommy took me to the front porch where I could open the box without Molly & Moose taking over. They will, you know. They are young and spirited and just KOOKOO enough to make package opening a chore. I opened the CHEWY.COM box and this is what was in it - a gift box that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it. Ms Natalie and Ms Kristin has send me a BIRTHDAY present!

So I opened the box and this is what was in it . . . a nearly indestructible red ball, a birthday hat, a BIG slice of birthday cake fluffy toy, and three FOODIBLES. One of the foodibles looks and SMELLS like birthday cake so I am thinking it might TASTE like one too.

Look at all this LOOT. I am gonna really really enjoy playing and eating ALL OF THIS.

Thank you so much for making me feel like such a special PUG.

On the Moose front, he is totally feeling at home now. He is happy to see everyone and his eating is good. He goes outside to potty like a good boy and really seems to enjoy just hanging with the girls.

He might be said to be a little TOO COMFORTABLE. . . he has taken to stealing Aunt B's slippers which are ALMOST as big as he is.


Andre Joseph said...

Happy Birthday Noodles. I'm sure you'll enjoy those great gifts. Thanks for sharing your stories with us

Idaho PugRanch said...

Love the multi day birthday celebrations!!
Hazel & Mabel